Obesity May Be A Huge Weight On Your Mind

Coincidences happen all the time and today was no exception.  I had just finished putting up a new landing page for Adam Eason’s product for Weight Control – AND – up popped a story on the BBC News website about a prisoner in America who is suing because of what he claims is a lack of food.  Since his arrest in September he has lost 7 stones on a 3000 calorie a day regime and is now a mere 22 stones.   Poor thing!

Now 3000 calories is higher than the daily recommended intake of 2500 for a male anyway.  So goodness knows how much he was eating before.  (more…)

Hypnosis And A Weight Off My Mind

Keith aged about 40
Me aged about 40
– just before it went
pear shaped – literally

Once upon a time ….

And then I hit forty and the weight piled on.

This is the article that for some time now I hoped I would be able to write  – but I delayed until I was 100 percent sure that things wouldn’t slip again – and the old yo-yo up and down weight thingy would not take over once again. 

But I know, I know, I know.!!

I know for sure,

I know my life has changed for ever. 

I know I have my weight under control and it is all thanks to using self-hypnosis.

I can’t claim any dramatic huge reductions in weight but things have steadily but surely moved in the right direction – and the big bonus I am taking regular exercise and enjoying it.

How do I know it is a permanent fix? – well because there is a fundamental difference in the way I approach food and in particular snacking.  And I don’t feel deprived.  (more…)