Memories Of Our Children

Memories Of Our Children

My Memory – What Premiership Football Match?

If football is not your thing –  please don’t let that stop you reading this as I think there is a really important message in this story.

On Sunday my wife Babs and I called round to see our son Tom and in fact our daughter in law Vanessa as they had just returned from there honeymoon.

One of the topics of conversation was Scott Parker who is now Manager of Bournemouth football club our local team.

Now this has never happened to me before and it totally took me by surprise.   Tom chipped in with something that I could not remember AT ALL.

He told me when he had first seen Scott Parker was at a football match that I had taken him to.  It was  a football match Southampton versus Charlton and Scott Parker had scored and fabulous goal.  The story went further, Tom told us that I had gone to the toilet and had missed the amazing goal scored by Scott Parker.

WHAT!!  I thought my memory was good – but this had really jolted me.

I just cold not remember ever taking Tom to a professional football match.

With the going to the loo story added I thought he was joking.

A few months ago I was with a friend at an Arsenal football match and I thought that it was a shame that I had never taken my son to a football match ever.

The problem was that Tom was a sports lad and played football and swam competitively.  So I was a constant taxi every weekend to his events – no time for being a spectator.

When we got home I asked Babs to look up in her diaries.   She has kept diaries throughout the years and are great for looking up anything we have got up to.

There it was Sunday December 7th 2003 I had taken Tom to Southampton versus Charlton.  He was 12 years old.

My Excuse!

In fact it was a very busy weekend for me because on Saturday evening I travelled up to London Airport leaving at 5pm to take my daughter Zoe to catch a Quantas plane to Australia.   She was only 15 years old and in those days there was a service for unaccompanied yougsters up to that age travelling on a long haul flight.  It was in fact excellent and from the moment we had arrived at the airport there was one of the stewardesses alloted to take care of Zoe.  Real VIP treatment for me as well as Zoe in the departure area.

We had worked in Muscat, Oman in the Middle East for eiqht years  and the expats working there were from all over the world.  One of Zoe’s school friends was Anna Deeley who was from Australia.

Great as working abroad was – there is a time to return.   All very well except that Zoe and Tom were not so keen to return as they knew very little about UK.  The truth is they were very upset by the huge change in lifestyle.    Zoe was 9 years old when we returned and she knew exactly how to stick the knife in.   She had a photo of here Muscat schoolmates right beside her bed and when I went in to say goodnight she would ask questions like “Dad when am I going to see my real friends again?”

How do you answer that?

Even in the early days of the internet Zoe was able to keep in touch with her former school friends which lead to her getting invited to go to Australia to stay with Anna’s family.

Nothing nicer, Christmas in sunny summer Ozzie with friends you were longing to be with.  Babs put in her diary that  Zoe was buzzing with excitement.

In fact – Zoe was still flying southward when Tom and I were at the football match,

So that is my defence – my mind was miles away!!   (ok – just a pun!)

I am assuming that we arranged the football match as something exciting for Tom as his sister was clearly over the moon.

I have to admit I still can not recall going to that football match.

There is one further thing that is worth comment.   Tom’s memory of the match was not totally accurate.  He thought that I had missed the only goal of the match.  In fact it was Southampton 3 and Charlton 2.

I have in fact now seen the goal that I missed going to the loo.

I Want To Know What Else I Have Forgotten

There are many times that I have thought – I wish that I had asked my parents more about my memories of the past.   I can’t now as they have passed.

What I now intend to do when we are talking among ourselves as a family is to ask the kids about their memories of their upbringing years.

I would like to know what else I have missed.

Want The Change? Then Change Your Mindset

Want The Change? Then Change Your Mindset

Bad Habit And Pills

Bad habit and pills – that sounds as if I have an awful tale to tell.

Let’s see!

Tablets and a bad habit are on my mind this morning.

Yesterday I went to get my repeat prescription for the barrow load of tablets I have to take.

BUT – there was an issue ( I still don’t understand what – but there you are) and the prescription needed to be set up again by my doctor and with luck and a strong wind they will be there by tomorrow.

So by rooting around in the medicine cabinet, I found I had got enough for this morning.

And then Goodness me – NO!….

We were out of  Yoghurt!!    Was this going to be one of those days?

Why was that a disaster – well years ago I had to get over something that for me was an issue. I just couldn’t swallow tablets – no matter how small.  A learned bad habit.

How crazy are we all?

Bad habit – it surely was. I could eat normally – but a tablet in my mouth was a gagging starter.

The time came though where I had to get over this problem.   I had got to get over this as my health depended on me ‘taking the pills’.

Porridge and yoghurt became the answer.   Within no time I was swallowing tablets easily as long as it was with a yoghurt or similar.

Today –  this morning – I had no yoghurt or porridge.

Question? – was the bad habit still there.

So I gave it a go – glass of water and what happened?

It was fine – there was no issue at all.    That is the first time I have tried to take tablets with water for many years.   Isn’t the mind weird but wonderful?

Now there is a really important thing here about making changes to your mindset.

Changing Bad Habits – It’s Hard

Conventional wisdom is that it takes 28 days to free yourself from a bad habit.

Unfortunately, that notion is just plain wrong.

Bad habits are hard to break because they are HABITS  (notice the capital letters).

Remember: your brain has put your bad habit in the “automatic” category. Once there, it’s difficult to shake it free.

Yes, 28 days can give you a good jump start.   It is probably longer and more like three months to substitute a new behaviour for a bad habit.

But I know from working with Hypnotherapist Adam Eason that behaviours and bad habits can be changed – helped by hypnosis or self-hypnosis.

NOTE:  The definition Bad – can be interpreted quite widely.

Laziness is a good example:   Let’s say that laziness is a bad habit or maybe poorly motivated is like a bad habit.  Then why not get a new mindset on that one.

One of our most popular products, in our online ‘hypnosis for downloads’ store is From Lazy to Driven

You Must Want To Change to Make New Good Habits

What ever you own personal issues (yes you have them) set about making the change –  “I am going to get rid of that bad habit”

That is the FIRST part of going about changing a bad habit – WANTING TO DO IT.

In Fact We Make That Point On A Sales PageOn the sales page for ‘Stop Smoking Now‘ – Adam asks the question – Do you really want to stop?  He then suggests that you should not purchase the product if you haven’t already decided that you want to do it.  Nothing will work until you have made that decision.

The arguments for stopping smoking are enormous and a smoker can be shown every reason to stop.  NO GOOD until the smoker has taken that first step. The first step is you making up your mind.

That is the same for all habits.

Want to make the change and self-hypnosis will totally help you change your mindset and adopt a new self image and new mindset that supports that inner feeling.

The greatest thing is that the change becomes the new normal good habit.    The change eventually becomes the new reality.

You can change AS LONG AS YOU WANT TO and change permanently.

Who Cares? – If Hypnosis Works – Use And Enjoy

Who Cares? – If Hypnosis Works – Use And Enjoy

My Hypnosis Introduction With a Professional Hypnotherapist

My introduction to hypnosis was accidental.   It was 2004 when I met Adam at the BNI business network meetings.

When you set yourself up to develop websites for clients one of the fascinating things is that you learn a lot about different businesses.    How do they work?     What makes them tick?

So that was the case with Adam Eason and his clinical hypnotherapy business.

I developed a website for Adam  who was working out of a clinic near Bournemouth.  To say I knew nothing then about hypnosis is a fact.   Nothing that is about clinical hypnosis.  Hmmm – But I had in the past seen stage acts – but that was all.

But here in front of me was a guy who was very passionate about his subject.

I was intrigued and wanted to discover more.

AND as far as I was concerned that was good …

Adam was training hypnotherapists and what we decided to do was to video the courses and also develop audio hypnosis products.  Front pew for me with the video camera.

How could I fail to learn all about hypnosis – when I was shooting the recordings and editing them.

In addition I also got to know other people who trained with Adam and are now themselves trained hypnotherapists.  Some of those have developed specialist areas – such as hypno-birthing.

When Hypnosis Works – The Seed Takes Roots

What is a common story from people who have moved into the field is that they had an issue that was driving them insane – all attempts to find a solution had failed.

Adam himself is an example of that.  All his attempts with medical consultations and ointment treatments for his psoriasis had failed.  Someone suggested hypnosis and do I need to say – within a couple of weeks all had cleared up.

Here is a blog where  audios of Adam telling you in his words his basic narration about hypnosis and what it is.

All his work is research based and  you can pursue that as far as you like with Adam as he has written a book called Science Of Self-Hypnosis.  Also his blog and podcasts are full of his professional approach to all of these psychological therapies.  You can even go and train in the field with him via his online courses.

AND NOW – Just Give It A Go And Learn Hypnosis Skills

OK – that all said – I am going to take a totally different approach right here with my retirement Wats-on My Mind project.

I am getting away from the academic theories and discussions about what hypnosis is etc.

I just so want you if you are sceptical about all of this power of the brain – to just give it a go and learn hypnosis skills.  You can learn more about the theory at a later stage.   I am keen that you go for a ride first.

Here on my blog you will get my:

simple real anecdotes approachmy end user approachmy simple language approachmy if it works that is great approachso what this good – approach.

For example:  If you ask me what hypnosis is – a typical reply from me would be – focused imagination.

The interesting thing is that people who try and get some release from a problem will want more.

A Freelance Artist Uses Hypnosis For Sleep AND !!!

This blog post which is well researched is by a freelance writer.  You can find the complete blog post at:

I love the title of this blog post written by Sarah BanI Tried Hypnosis for Insomnia. Then My Skin Cleared Up.   – I don’t understand it, either, but I’m not complaining.

How often have I seen and heard that?

So many people who have used hypnosis will say the same thing. “I don’t know how it worked – but it did.”

Surprise Yourself…

You are probably not a car mechanic or understand how it works but that doesn’t stop you driving a car.

In a similar way – you don’t have to fully understand how or why hypnosis works – just give it a proper try and surprise yourself.

Doing Something For The First Time

Doing Something For The First Time

My First Life Changing Moment

I am smiling to my self as I sit down to write this blog.

I was reading a blog by Mary O’Toole

Mary asks: When was the last time you did something for the first time?

I am smiling because when I think about my first times there were many of them and they all have countless stories with them.   So I am writing here about my first FIRST TIME

Thank Goodness For Malcolm

Isn’t it strange how very small events and random situations can change your life – permanently

I was 19 and working as an apprentice following a HND course in electronics engineering.  This was in a Marconi Research Unit in Chelmsford in 1966.  I had very little career advice from school or anywhere.  It was assumed by everyone (including my parents) that engineering was the future for me as Maths Pure, Maths Applied and Physics were my ‘A levels’.

And that is what I thought – I would become an engineering scientist.

So there was I with my oscilloscope, admittedly rather bored, as I worked on goodness knows what projects.  I looked at research scientists that had been there for years and began to wonder about this as a career.

AND then it happened…

A top scientist guru (I still remember his name – Malcolm) came in to work full of the joys of spring.  He had been working for about eight years on a new transmitting aerial.  His design had been accepted and the company were going ahead with production beyond his prototype.  His moment.  He was full of it.

Now let me tell you more about Malcolm.

We had heard a lot about his aerial.  Sitting down for lunch we would all talk about football, holidays, what was on the box, girlfriends.   None of that for Malcolm – apart from his aerial I really knew nothing about him.

What next?

Four of us apprentices were invited to go and see his work of art!  I wasn’t sure where this was but I should have taken note as Malcolm put on wellington boots, a hat and gloves.  Being 19 I had very little to shield me from the elements.  We were driven through the Essex countryside on a freezing cold winter morning and arrived at a field with a hanging fog.

What became immediately plain to us lads was that we were to go over the field and climb a mast that disappeared into the fog.

These days Health and Safety would just not allow what happened next.  With freezing cold hands, gripping on to freezing cold metal ladders we were to climb this mast.

We were all looking at each other in disbelief.

Did Malcolm notice?

Not at all.

Malcolm just kept on talking – ABOUT his aerial and what made it so good.

Anyway we all got up to the platform and there it was – his aerial – about the size of a dining room table.  Lots of fiddly bits and so on.

The tuition from Malcolm carried on “the frequency response of this ….blah blah blah ….attenuation ….. blah blah blah …. and the amplitude  ……  blah”

The words were drifting over me – in one ear out of the other.  I can totally recall that I stood there thinking about his wife.  What did he go home from work and talk about.  What did he talk about to anyone.

Something much more important had happened to me.

At that moment I realised that I would never be a top engineering scientist because I could not put that much passion and devotion into a LOAD OF METAL

That was it!!!

I put in my notice.

Then There Was My Dad

Now that sounds neat – but of course what was I going to do.  There was no plan B.

My dad was a very blunt Yorkshire man and life had not been good for him.  He didn’t come out of the war well and was not a well man.

To put it bluntly he was not imptressed with me leaving a course during the first year.

I got the “we tried to give you the best we could” talking to.

Along with – “what are you going to do now?”

My initial reaction was that I thought that teaching would fit me better but there was some time to wait before I could get on a teacher training course.

My Dad:  “What are you going to do till you start your teaching course?”

Me: “I will randomly select a job in the local paper and go for it”

Dad: “What?”  (a very exasperated huffy what)

And that is what I did.

I opened the jobs page, shut my eyes, wiggled my finger around and it landed on ‘Spastics Society House Father’  (Now called Scope). at Kelvedon Spastics Society Education Centre.

AND I got the job.

It was a further education place for severely disabled adult students who were exceptionally intelligent.   For example one of them was a political history expert who wrote for various papers.   He typed with a  pointer stick strapped to his head.

I was 20 years old and what an experience it was – the students were quickly my friends.  It was hard work and I lived in so I never really felt off duty.

What a difference it all was from the oscilloscopes and aerial developments at Marconi’s.

I really fitted in with the care work but I wasn’t trained .

Then I met a nurse and that really led to my next change moment in my life.

My future was beckoning.  I realised that I needed to train in nursing.

Thank you Malcolm for that day up the mast.

From Metal to Nursing.

Come On Arsenal – I Have £10 At Stake!

Come On Arsenal – I Have £10 At Stake!

Why The Image At The Bottom Of This Page?

Oh here we go again!!

The premiership football season began this weekend, and it didn’t start well for me.

If you are football, baseball, netball anywhateverball fan you will be right into what your club is up to.

Football has a special place in the hearts of many people. It is an iconic sport that has been around for decades. From the elation of victory, to the frustration of defeat, football fans have felt it all.

Being a fan can be a very painful experience as I can reveal in this story.

Why a Gunners Fan?

Why am I an Arsenal (‘Gunners’) fan.

Well my son Tom is behind that…  as I was originally a Middlesbrough supporter.

My father was from Middlesbrough in Yorkshire but I was brought up in the south of the country.

The only football matches I saw in my youth, were the occassional opportunities when Middlesbrough came to play a southern club.

I was basically a  Middlesbrough  fan, and I followed what they got up to and so on.

On the other hand.

Tom my son, for some unknown reason, I really don’t know why, Is a Manchester United fan – let’s just call them a top club.

Now neither myself or Tom are into betting so I was surprised whenTom suggested this. “Let’s have a small bet each season:  First bet would be which of our teams came highest in the Premiership and another about who would go furthest in the FA Cup”.

Hang on!!   Man United versus MIddlesbrough.  Not a goer.   However. I liked the idea.  So I needed to get a top team to  become an adopted fan

I had to pick a team that would stand a chance against Man Utd

Well I had lived in North London, and I had always liked the way that Arsenal played when they were managed by Arsene Wenger.

So that was that an adopted fan.

Back in 2008 Tom and I started our yearly bet at the start of the new season the amazingly small bet of just £10

BUT small as the bet is it adds a funny but competitive edge to the season.

Some years Tom would win the Premiership and I would win the FA Cup.  Sometimes me, sometime him but for the last couple of years he has won both bets.

First Match Of The Season Against Promoted Brentford!

Arsenal has not settled down with a new manager since Arsene Wenger left in 2018

The latest manager is Mikel Arteta who played under Arsene Wenger.  Wenger had an attacking approach and changed attitudes towards nutrition, fitness and coaching methods.

Last season Arsenal only finished at position 8.  Not at all accceptable BUT it was manager Arteta’s first season in charge.

Arteta has just started his second season as the manager so I was really hoping that the first match of the season would get us going.

My Gunners season ticket holder friend Derek, had his doubts.  Here was his WhatApp message to me just before the match “What are your thoughts on tonights game?  I am worried we will be embarrassed”

So why the concern?

Arsenal was playing Brentford who won promotion last season and this was their first premiership game.  They had not been in the top level of football since May 1947.

Now as I have revealed above I am merely in the adopted fan league.  If you want too see fans and born and bred loyalty fans check out Brendford.

Fans have been known to go through the emotional rollercoaster with their favorite teams.

Football fans are passionate about this sport and will not let anything get in their way when it comes to supporting their teams no matter what happens.

The atmosphere at the Brentford home ground with the fans allowed in for the first time after the pandemic lockdown was electric.

The crowd was cheering, singing, clapping,waving and one old man was on the TV with tears running down his face.

The Brentford team was up for it and it pains me to tell you any more.  Arsenal were playing in a cauldron.

Final Score:  Brentford 2 – Arsenal 0

Derek sent a WhatsApp after the match…


What about my Tom’s team?

You’ve probably guessed it: Man United 5 – Leeds 1

Great start – however there are another 37 games this season – so get them going Arteta.

Cancer Eight Years On!!

Cancer Eight Years On!!

Day Out In London With The Kids

The idea was quite simple. I had a journey up to London on the train which meant I was going to be travelling for 4 hours.

Perfect for writing a blog.

I write a blog on the train, by talking into Otter software programme that turns speech into text.

I hadn’t taken one thing into consideration.

I have to come up to London, every four weeks for my cancer treatment. And normally, the train is quite quiet.

What I’d forgotten, was that this is August,  the children are off school, andwith their parents are visiting museums, such as the science museum or Madame Tussauds or whatever holiday attractions.

So the train was full of very noisy, happy, elated, kids.

Question;  how was I going to type on my phone because talking into Otter software was not going to work.

So I did as best as I could, just by typing with my finger on the phone

That was yesterday, and finishing it off today.

Three Years Of Treatment And Not Wilting

What I’m writing about very briefly today is my cancer treatment.

I don’t write about it much, because there’s nothing to write. It’s three years now since I started having immunotherapy treatment, and eight years since the start of my cancer treatment, which started off with the removal of one of my kidneys.

This is important, please take note of the fact that I’m talking about eight years ago.

Unfortunately for me the type of cancer cells involved were papillaryl cells which were not good for the treatments available.

However, there was a clinical research, just about to start. For treatments for my type of cancer, and I was offered the opportunity to join that clinical research programme, which I accepted as there were no other options.

I was not offered a cure. The whole plan was to control any growth or spread of the tumour, which has been incredibly successful.

Of course it’s not great to have a cancer, and I have to learn to live with the fact, as do millions of other people. You have a one in two chance of getting a cancer.  Yes, fifty percent!

Every case of cancer is specific and different for every patient, and the treatments and severity vary.

The IMPORTANT thing to get on board, is that most cancers, as long as you catch them early enough, can be treated with the scientific advances of modern medical technologies.

I Am Old Enough And Wise Enough To Have An Opinion

As best as I can I have everything under control.

I have the treatment every four weeks and I have a scan every three months to see what is going on. I had a scan yesterday, and in a couple of weeks time, I will go and see the consultant and chat about the latest scan.

Apart from that, I can just get on with my life.  If you’ve been reading my blogs you will know I’m looking forward to getting a motorhome.

This is my philosophy and I am old enough at 73 years of age to have an opinion or two.

Life is for living, every single day.

In fact, the most important thing you can do as far as I’m concerned, is stay positive. In my nursing days, I found that the people that thought negatively tended not to react to treatment, very well; whereas those that were positive, by and large, had recovered quickly and moved on. Just move on in life.

Oncology Department Newbies

OK – it is hard for the mind when you first hear that your diagnosis is a cancer.   If you or someone you know is entering the Oncology department for the first time there are inevitably some anxieties and apprehension.

I hope these two  blogs that I wrote three years ago when I was new to it all will  give you some encouragment.

Cancer Screening Not Keeping Track With Cures

Explosion and Shock in my Cancer Treatment

Public Thank You and Moving On

On the whole you will find that everyone is very supportive.  And the oncology nurses and doctors involved are incredible.

I admit though that I got concerned when the clinical research nurse that had been my support during the earliest days  of my treatment, was moved away from the department to help elsewhere in the hospital during the pandemic.  Anna had got to know me so well and had been the person to deal with all my questions and concerns.

However, what happened. The replacement nurse, Heather was also a gem.  Keep the faith.

I wish there was something I could do to reward them for their incredible help and support. I suppose that this blog is really a thank you.

Well – until I write about cancer again in three years time – I will move on and enjoy my life and have fun with my wife Babs, family and friends.

Quite Pointless And Sad Passing!

Quite Pointless And Sad Passing!

It is not often you will find me deadly serious but I am today.  I am on my soap box.

My career was nursing and there are a couple of things that make me get my megahorn out.

Prevention so much better than trying to cure – vaccinations etc.  (remember Wakefield and all his nonsense about Measles jab)

Early diagnosis – don’t live with your worries about a lump, rash or whatever – get it seen early

So why my post about this today?  

Eighteen months ago there was no cure for covid.  

In fact in my personal situation my oncology consultant told me I was highly vulnerable and the really important thing was not to catch it.  All the distancing, staying home and so on.


Here we are 18 months later with an effective vaccine and better chances for anyone that gets this deadly and I mean DEADLY virus – which has not gone away.

Most of the people I know are now double jabbed and it means I have at last been able to get out of my shell.  

Some of the people I know have not been vaccinated – and I am giving them a wide berth.  What are they thinking?  

This blog is for them.

OK – So what happens when these clever scientists are elated with the initial take up of the vaccine – they are delighted of course.

BUT then out of the shadows comes social media nonsense – whatever you like to call them…

So Easy To Have Stopped This Happening

I decided to write this blog because I know the family of Leslie Lawrenson are urging everyone to get the vaccine so that their families don’t  experience the same thing.

There are stories like this everywhere now but this one was in the Bournemouth Echo and the quotes are from the family.

anti-vaxxer dies at 58

Leslie was a 58 year old solicitor.   

Yes – please take that in.

Here is  Stepdaughter Carla’s 35 thoughts

“He was a really well educated who ended up in the rabbit hole about the vaccine. thinking that if he got the virus he would be ok.”“I go through emotions feeling sad and frustrated.  There’s so much out there, it’s easy to get wrapped up in conspiracy theories, the anti-vaxxers game is strong.”“He was just convinced natural anitbodies could fight this and said that the vaccine was not fully approved.”“My mum would talk to him about it, everything she would say he would have a counter argument for, she was scared to have it and scared to not have it.”“If you are on the fence, sit down and look at what has happened to my family.”“My 11 year old brother now doesn’t have a dad anymore.  Our life is not going to be the same as it was six weeks ago, it’s completely different.”

Thanks Jennifer Anniston – Well Said

Thankfully there are more and more people talking sensibly.

One of my acting favourites is Jennifer Anniston.  There is she believes a “moral obligation” to do so and “we have to care more about more than just ourselves.””There’s a large group of people that are antivaxers or just don’t listen to facts.” she tells ‘InStyle’ magazine.  “It’s a real shame.”

Well said Jen.

AND thumbs up to, of all people, Arnold Schwarzenegger who recently said on Twitter: “Know your strengths and listen to the experts.

Please STOP And Think And Look At Real Scientific Facts

To complete I want to add my condolences to the Lawrenson family.

I hope, like you Carla, that somebody reading this will just stop and think NOW and take a simple action  before it is too late for their families also.

Sport, Sport AND Sport

Sport, Sport AND Sport

Sport Has Put Me In Catch Up Mode

I am in catch up mode today.   I hadn’t a cat in hell’s chance of getting anything written that needed some research over this weekend – simply because there was sport, sport and even more sport that was unmissable for me.  I had the TV set on ALL day and have to admit I had my main meal on my lap watching the rugby from South Africa.

My Sporting Credentials

You may get the impression from that paragraph above that I am an ex sportsman.

Well NO not at all –

Football- there were four football pitches at my school and when we went down to them on a Wednesday afternoon,  I was often on the kick around didn’t get picked lads using a side field.

Cricket – was just as bad.  I had my triumphant moments.  Somehow one day I scored three sixes in a row and established a nickname as a result.  That was Willy Watson ( who was a England cricketer )  However I also suffered a couple of injuries (the ball is hard)  On one occasion I trod on the ball instead of getting my foot behind it and fractured a bone in my foot.   I actually got out of cricket for the rest of that season.

Tennis  – ??? – let’s say no more.

Swimming- I was quite good at swimming but the problem was that swimming pools were quite out of reach for me to get to.  We had no car.

Badminton- Surprisingly in my sixties I began to play badminton with a group of Babs (my wife) work colleagues.  Until the lockdown it was all going well and I could return a shuttle.

Sport And My Kids

My son was born out in Oman where Babs and I were helping to set up staffing and commissioning a new quite magnificent hospital.

Our accommodation was excellent and we had a swimming pool 50 metres down the street.

My daughter Zoe was able to swim well before she could even toddle.  My son was similar.  They lived in the water,

When we came back to England when Tom was 5 and Zoe was 7 we put them into a swimming club.  We had to – they were both missing Oman in so many ways.  Swimming was the one thing we could offer that would help them find friends with similar interests.

I then came across the issue that so many parents have when their children get to a certain level of competence in a sport.  Getting up at wretchedly early hours to get them to the training.

When Zoe was nine the swimming coach told me that he would like her to attend early morning training – for the real training.

By this time I was a governor at the school she was a pupil at.  So I went along to the teacher to tell her that Zoe was now going to swimming training five days a week at 5 am.  I just wanted the teacher to let me know if she thought that this was having a detrimental affect on her work.  I was almost hoping she would report an issue and that I personally would be able to reduce the number of mornings that I got up early.

I heard nothing and so I tracked down the teacher to ask her.

Not a bit of it.  Zoe was as sharp as a button and her work was fine.   I had not let out there – so I had to get used to the alarm going off early..

So Tom followed as well.

That is only the start of it – as it doesn’t stop there.

The weekends were of course when all of the swimming competition events occur.  The distances to drive were often a long way and could be quite hazardous.  In the winter driving across the hills between Bridport and Dorchester are still in my memory bank of quite terrifying driving.  The fog was always there on the hills – but add to that freezing icy roads and wow – was really pleased to get off of the hills.   Meanwhile the kids with their mates are jabbering away behind with not a care in the world.

What became apparent to me quite early on was that there was only so far my own kids could go with swimming because of their size.  Tom is 5′ 7″ and Zoe much shorter.

Tom got married a couple of weeks ago and several of his main friends were swimming with him in those teenage years.   I actually asked a guy called James at the wedding reception how tall he is now – he smiled and said “6′ 6″”   That made me smile as I remember watching Tom and the starting blocks standing beside James with his height, big hands and feet.  Happy memories though as Tom gave this kids a race.

What is great about individual sports like swimming is that PBs (personal bests) are the important point.  You are really working to improve yourself.

For about two years Tom was trying to get under 1 minute for hundred metres freestyle.   He was sometimes just a real split second short.  He tried and tried and would be disappointed after a gala if he didn’t get that PB.  Then one evening – for whatever reason – he did it.  The curious thing though was that it was two seconds inside the minute.  It was really a fantastic moment.  I can’t remember how he did in the race and that doesn’t matter – I was just delighted beyond words.  He had got what he wanted to get.   What a useful lesson in life that is.

Zoe was a different swimmer.  Tom was crash crash through the water swimmer.  Us parents used to chatter of course as we waited for action.  Many people said that Tom was like the plastic wind up ducks that whizzed their legs around to propel through the water.  I don’t know how Tom got the speed of his arms going so fast.

Zoe – on the other hand was baletic in her swimming.  Particularly in dolphin stroke which can look so ugly and splashy when swam badly.  There was hardly a splash as Zoe slipped in undulating way through the water.  Lovely to watch.

Now for a bit of parenting that I think I got totally wrong but I have to admit I really didn’t know how to change things.

Tom was also into football and the school spoke of his speed down the wings and so on.  So we got involved Tom in a local team.  I was pleased about that as being part of a team teaches you more about life.

I should name this person and the name of the club – but I will simply give you a brief insight as it is a negative story.

The manager/coach seemed to lack any ability to take kids and make the best out of them.  He wanted to be top of the league and had scouts going out and talking to kids and their parents from other clubs if they were good.

I couldn’t get my head around the fact that Tom was not played in his best position. he was very fast and running up the wing to cross etc.  He was put to full back (which in those days was staying back) and then dropped from that because he wasn’t tall enough to head the ball when an attacking player came in for a high ball.   It all stunk.

Furthermore the manager had a son who was playing up the wing and could hardly run.  He was never dropped or substituted.

OK you must get me drift.  I could tell you so much more but I really do feel my blood pressure rising.

The same lads were sitting match after match as substitutes as the elites that had be invited in to this club simply to help climb the league.

Who cared.  The manager’s ego did.

Some of those overlooked sustitute lads left to join other clubs with kid development positivity.

I wanted Tom to do the same and I appealed with him to go elsewhere – and he wouldn’t because he is loyal.  He still puts loyalty above most things.

BUT he never did realise how he could have got better training.

I just don’t think that the FA had enough control of kids training in those days.

What would you have done if that was your child?  I would love to know – so please comment.

Sport – My Passion For It All

So I love watching and learning more about every sport.   I love the parent stories, I love the persistence stories, I love the emotional stories,   I just love sport!

This Olympics has been a joy to watch.  But it is not just the Tokyo games.

On Saturday – there was cycling and high board diving – where Tom Daley (with his knitting) got a bronze medal.   What a fantastic couple of divers the Chinese had that won the gold and silver.

There was also Test Cricket between England and the powerful Indian cricketers.   It was fourth day and the match was on a knife edge.  Those of you that don’t know about cricket will not understand my enthusiasm about a game that lasts for five days.   Once you are savvy and know the rules you understand it  AND I promise  you will get why it is one of the most difficult games to be the captain.  Sadly five days was not enough to find out who would have won this cliffhanger as the English weather got in the way.  It rained all day on Sunday – so it was a draw.

Also on Saturday was the third and final test between South Africa and the British Lions Rugby.  I will simply write one word which was on the front my newspaper ‘Agony!’

Finally on Saturday was Football which went the way I wanted.  It was FA Community Shield.  This game starts the Football season here in UK.  It is between the winner of last season’s premiership league and the FA Cup.   It was between Manchester City and Leicester.  I’m an outsider really as I would not normally be favouring either of these teams.  However Manchester City is one of those clubs who cares very little about bringing players on.  They are rich and buy their way to success.  They this weekend paid £100 million for Grealish – a record spend for one player.  AND they are after Kane the England striker.    So was I delighted when Leicester won the Shield with a i -0 victory.

Walking, Cycling Compromise

Walking, Cycling Compromise

Walking Within My Limits

When I write a blog and it’s a personal story including  friends and family, I wonder if sometimes I am  giving the impression to the outside world, that all is not well with my life.

In fact all is balanced and well.

My wife Babs and I have been together since she was 21 which is 45 years ago.

And we know each other incredibly well.

For example:

This morning, Babs has gone off for a walk with a friend and it wasn’t even suggested that I could join them.   I am pleased to say.

There is a chance that the walk will be between 6 and 9 miles which doesn’t fit with my parameters.  They can go as far as they want but I would not be wise to join them.

Babs knows better than asking me along.

I had a heart attack in 2011 resulting in me having a stent put into a coronary artery. I also have atrial fibrillation so my cardiac function is not the greatest.

I know from my nursing days that exercise for my heart is essential.  I walk (reluctantly), cycle (enthusiastically) and play badminton (amateurishly) but always bearing in mind that I have GTN spray in my pocket for any chest pain.   [I have never had to use it I am pleased to say]

Babs actually belongs to a walking group.  It is great to go for walks with leaders that know the local area we are walking in.

There is a  group newsletter, which gives information about the walks available.   The first column I look at is the miles;  under four miles, interested,  five miles, just a go go  -and above five forget it.

The walk guide also gives other information.   Difficulties of ascents, descents  and conditions of tracks and how many stiles there are.

And the other column I check Is – ‘PUB’

Cycling With Assistance

So Babs and I enjoy a walk – given the right conditions.

However I prefer a bike, BUT Babs doesn’t.

Are you surprised by that?

Babs doesn’t like the roads and the traffic. However,  if there is a cycle path or track all is fine.

The real key is to get a bike that fits your needs.

When we bought our cycles we had a motorhome and  wanted a folding bike.  We have been able to get both bikes in the back of a normal family car.   Which means we can drive somewhere and cycle along tracks.

We wanted bikes which could carry things and we had bags at the rear over the wheels.  So we could shop when motorhoming.

A back carrier is ideal for carrying water, refreshments, puncture kit, camera, pump and padlock.

But here was the big point – the absolute YES YES that is for us.

I have cardiac condition and these bikes are electric.  It just made hills manageable.

Now we’re talking.

Believe me, they are still exercise.  We do have to put some effort into going up a hill even though it is much easier than before.

I’ve even ridden  up hills in St. Ives in Cornwall, which are incredibly steep.

Electric bikes are common now,  but when we got these about six years ago they were very new.

I really enjoyed passing other cyclists going up hills with them wondering how I was shooting up the hill.

I remember using the electric power for the very first time I thought wow, this is strange but nice. It felt like someone was pushing you.

This is my joy and I love it – exercise but with fun involved; being able to stop, take photos, move on and it’s just the sensational way to get around.

I encourage it.

Darn It – That’s Not Good

One cautionary tale.

We were out cycling in Spain, when we had our motorhome.  I stopped to take some pictures.  When I got back onto  my bike the power wouldn’t work. For whatever reason – NO POWER.

I had to get back to our motorhome under my own steam which is quite difficult because the bike with the battery is quite heavy.

The bike was under warranty but of course I couldn’t do anything about the problem until I returned to UK.

A disappointment.

Exercising Together For Your Health

Although this blog post has been about the preferences that Babs and I have about exercise the really great point is that we have found ways to compromise when we do want to be exercising together.

Get out and exercise – it is essential for your health – we both totally are up for that and that’s the main message.

Memory – Remembering Names

Memory – Remembering Names

How good are you at remembering names?

I have to admit I am rubbish at it BUT there is a reason.

The great thing is that it is easy to rectify – my mate, the hypnotherapist Adam Eason tells me so.

It is courteous to remember names. It is good manners and it shows that they are important enough for you to remember who they are.

So why I am so bad at such an important thing?

If I look at the rest of my memory it is good.

I can remember the details of physics that I learned at school.  I am also learning new material all the time in the web development field.  AND it is on board.

The reason they are there is that I was engaged and wanted to remember them.

The classic key ingredient is attention and awareness.

I am not attentive enough when I meet people.

Simple Process -Be More Attentive When Meeting People

The main reason why someone forgets another person’s name, is  because they weren’t paying attention when they were introduced,

They have failed to file information in a memorable enough way to store it in their long term memory bank.

Remedy:  When you meet someone new, repeat their name back to them. If you can do it without feeling embarrassed ask how they spell it. Use the name, again, as soon as you can repeat it once more. especially when you say goodbye to that person.

Outcome: Get good at this and their name will be stored permanently in your memories database.

Losing Possessions

I actually have overcome this problem by follow this advice I got.

Here comes attention again as the problem.

People lose personal items such as their keys, spectacles or pen, because they weren’t paying attention when they put them down.

Cure: Create a special place to create items you’ve misplaced regularly. Make it a logical place, and visualize it every time you come in to and go out of your home and office.

Even if you didn’t take your keys out with you. check to make sure they are still there.

Another Name Issue

It took me several years getting roung to the Netflix drama “Breaking Bad” but during the last three months I got completely into the series.

How many episodes are there?   Well over 50.

Last weekend I was telling a friend about the series and he asked who starred in it.


Frankly I hadn’t a clue.

That shocked me!!

I wanted to say Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and Skyler White.

I have since found out that they were Bryan Cranston,  Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn

Even Though I Am In My Seventies I Can Be More Attentive To The Back Story

Blogging offers some solutions here.

In this blog challenge I have written about a few celebrities and sportsman.

I have not done that in the past as my blogs were personal stories..

However writing about celebrities and sportsmen means I have to learn more about the individuals that are in the story.

Yesterday it was Simone Bisley and her special bronze peformance.   Doing my research for the blog had the interest, attention and awareness to not only know the name in future, but also a memory dump of interesting data.

Audios In Hypnosis For Download

In my Hypnosis For Download online store there are a couple of Memory Improvement and Enhancement audio products recorded by Hypnotherapist Adam Eason.

Memory Enhancement

Memory Improvement System

Simone – “I Did It For Me”

Simone – “I Did It For Me”

What a weird world is social media.  People are social beings.

This is the definition I found when I put ‘social’ into Google.   Seeking or enjoying the companionship of others; friendly; sociable; gregarious.

I am here trying to be sociable with fellow bloggers – all very good.  But it can turn on you.

Social Media – Hostile One Day Adulation Two Days Later

However Simone Biles faced a hostile social media when she pulled out of her Gymnastic events after she removed herself after a shaky performance on the vault during the first rotation.

“Twisties” a ruinous mental block that had forced her to withdraw from the all round vault, uneven bars and floor finals. Her routines in those events are so packed with explosive and spectacular twists, that any mid air loss of orientation, could be dangerous.  She had lost the synchrony between her mind and body.

Simone cummented to her 6.6 million Instagram followers, “literally cannot tell up from down. It’s the craziest feeling ever. Not having an inch of control over your body”.   These were the dreaded “twisties” when stressed-out gymnasts fly through the air not sure if they will land on their feet or their head.

“That’s when the wires snapped”, she said. Things were not connecting.  People say it stress-related.  I cannot tell because I felt fine”.

She endured accusations on social media, that she had quit on her team-mates. Her aunt died.People being nice sent her into tears.

You Only Have To Look Behind The Scenes

These games brought angst and fear, and tears, but Biles 24, has come to represent something more than superhuman, athleticism.

She has talked as a fostered child who is one of hundreds of victims of sexual abuse at the hands of a former USA Gymnastics, Doctor of life struggles.

Flips and leaps that she has done 1000s of times, as if cleaning her teeth was suddenly fraught with danger.

But it is not hard to think that a radical honesty about her struggles, her breaking of an omerta, has created a little space for this.

Perhaps some reflection, her undoing was her power,

Biles could have walked away, but she found the resolve to return for the final women’s event, the balance beam.

Here is an athlete that despite all of this background has won in the past four gold medals.

AND yet there are social media posts that are saying she had let team down.

UUUrghhh I want to scream

“I Did It For Me”

Here is the strange thing.

I watched Simone’s comback performance about six times and she had only won a bronze medal.

I haven’t actually seen the performances by Guan Chenchen and Tang Xijing the brilliant Chinese gymnasts who got gold and silver.

Sport loves a comeback and this was one to celebrate as the American gymnast overcame the debilitating mental block that had turned her pursuit of Olympic greatness, into a scary ideal.

The place where Simone Biles felt most secure was on the sprung suede top plank, four inches in breadth and this was her safe place.

Yet here she was back on the Olympic stage as millions held their breath, pulling off a perfect backward double somersault on a 10 centimetre beam. Biles eschewed her normal dismount, a double twisting double-tucked salto in favour of a simpler double pike, thus avoiding twists altogether.

Biles delivered a neat happy ending for the watching world, a moment of catharsis for herself a result that would have read like a failure fortnight ago, but which felt like a victory here.

From the “twisties” and turns of Simone Biles turbulent journey at theTokyo Olympics came a bronze medal.   A seventh Olympic medal.

A miniature human drama of courage and resilience

Simone – “I’m glad to bring the conversation of mental health to the light of world because we have to realise that we’re humans, not just entertainment” she said “there are things going on behind the scenes that people have no idea about”.

“I did it for me” she said

This Time Next Year Will I Have My NEW Motorhome…

This Time Next Year Will I Have My NEW Motorhome…

AND Will You Be With Me Earning an Affiliate Income

Physical and Mental Health – does helping yourself OR other people excite you?

If the answer is YES my next question is – will you read my blogs this month?

What I am trying to do in my blog challenge month is to build up some relationships because I want to meet others that may want to join me over the next year. [Stop getting ahead of yourself Keith]

There is so much I could tell you about the past but that does not move things on.

The Current Situation

Here is where I am right now.

I have two things that are important and fundamental to me getting my motorhome (see yesterday’s blog).

Hypnosis For Download Website

I have a website which is an online store. There are well over 200 products (audios and videos). The great thing is the products are evergreen. There are three hypnotherapists that have recorded these self-hypnosis sessions but there will be many more (see below)

The thing you will soon spot as you look around the store is that there are full programmes – “Hypnosis for Running” and educational products such as “Science of Self-Hypnosis”

They are digital versions of these two books written by the best clinical hypnotherapist I know Adam Eason.

My friend Adam Eason is the very best man to go to if you want to train as a hypnotherapist.

How do I know? I spent hundreds of hours videoing his courses

Hypnosis For Streaming Membership

Now we are talking – it took me months to set up – because there are thousands of files with thousands of links. [Ahh I have just failed – I said I wouldn’t talk about the past]

The Hypnosis For Streaming is now open and it will grow with new hypnotherapists and specialities.
For example, I don’t really care if there is more than one programme about say losing weight.
The hypnotherapists will have different scripts, different genders, accents and so on.
Great – I want to offer a variety [as long as they are qualified and the recordings are professional.]

What I really wanted to give was great valuable content at very affordable access. I don’t want all of this incredible knowledge and expertise from top hypnotherapists like Adam Eason to sit there unused.

The best way to describe this is that it is like Netflix or other streaming services.
You will have an account but obviously only need what you want.
That is the same for the Hypnosis for Streaming membership where you have access to everything and use what you want at that particular time.

So there we are – online store and hypnosis streaming are there.


Now I am thinking ahead and these are just bullet points really

The key to everything is getting members into the Hypnosis For Streaming Membership
I have already set things up so anybody can join the membership and suss it out for just £1 (approx $1.4)

Make a very, very special yearly offer to those trying out the membership (there you go another tip because you have read this far)

Get traffic blog running well with a form for list building – Link up all social media and video

The MOST IMPORTANT thing is to establish an affiliate programme offering 50% recurring commissions paid for new registered streaming membership.

Develop affiliate promotional material.

So this is third of my blogs seeking new internet relationships. Call me.

Motorhome In The Stars

Motorhome In The Stars

I am no astrologer but I wonder if the stars have aligned. Someone above is working on my side.

Motorhomes (for you US buddies of mine you probably call this an RV) is at the heart of what I am about.

First of all my son, Tom sent a Whatsapp to us from his motorhome that he is driving around Portugal on his honeymoon.

OK that is fair enough

But I picked up today’s Times and there was one of my favourite comedians Paul Merton and his partner Suki Webster advertising a programme series that they have made travelling around the UK in a 24ft motorhome – I gasped with joy! What a beautiful beast.

BUT it didn’t stop there – a more subtle come on.

I added my wats-on logo to a picture I was editing in Canva and I put on a new logo for a blog I am going to be using on a new wats-onthego website

However I have got to work this right – you will see what I mean.

The Lurking Story

I think you can tell that there lurks a story. –

Let me give you a couple of clues

My wife Barbara (Babs) replied to Tom’s Whatsapp “It all looks amazing! Dad is very jealous of you Tom. I’d rather been in Zoe’s accommodation myself Xx” [Zoe was in a rather magnificent accommodation for her anniversary weekend.]

Also, I rather stupidly asked Babs what she thought of the Paul Merton cool motorhome. “Did you see the price?” was the answer? Admittedly it was £110,000. ($140,000}

I think you are now ready for the full story.

We had a motorhome for seven years and we travelled all over the UK, Spain and Portugal. I loved it all and could bore you silly with how good it made me feel. Babs – seemed to love it sometimes and hanker for home comforts at other times. I still think she loved it more than she will let on.

We decided to sell when I started to need ongoing monthly treatment for my cancer. So the large area in our garden just perfect for a motorhome has sat forlorn. I am keen to fill the gap.

So the deal is this – and let me tell you it is an incredible motivator.

We will not buy a new motorhome with our savings – NO, I have to earn it.

The reason I am doing this project is to build my relationships on social media.

Building my traffic, building my list, offering high-value products and well let’s not beat about the bush – selling them.

Big Buying Tip

Now here is a very big tip for anyone else out there wanting to buy a motorhome.

There are so many people taking stay vacations at home and motorhome sales are  40.9% rise compared to August 2019. In addition, while new motorhomes and campervans proved to be extremely popular,

So my tip is wait to buy till next year when travel abroad by planes return and I bet you a dollar there will be buyers market. There will be a glut of hardly used second hand vehicles on the market.

My target is to have the cash from my work online to be get my home on the road travels started again. AND I also know that Babs will be excited as well.

Believe In Yourself

Believe In Yourself

What a Start To The Day

I don’t know why I was so unready for August 1st.

It is an important day for me because it is my daughter Zoe’s birthday and as she got married last year on the first lockdown day in Manchester I will never forget it. Six of us were allowed to attend and so on – and there was an improvised outdoor reception. The thing was that it was special quite unforgettable.

So I sent Birthday and Anniversary greetings to Zoe and Tom all the emojis and jiggly images I could. Time to snuggle up in my bed again for another half hour…

BUT just wait a moment…

Here was an e-mail from Paul Taubman reminding me that I was about to start my challenge. A Thirty-One day Blog Challenge.

Ah Yes but errh – Oh

I had gone through several discussions inside my head about this about 10 days ago when I signed up. The overriding plus point is that I need to work on marketing my products and membership website.

I even thought I would be well prepared with several partially written draft blog posts.

However as usual life just gets in the way – my son Tom got married a week ago – let’s just say this one was bigger than Zoe’s. Now if you are getting lost it may be because my daughter has married a Tom and we already have a Tom. Neither will give up their title so I am you will just have to work out all the time which one I am talking about

So there have been visitors and just thing after thing after thing to do.

So here I am Sunday Morning with a challenge and no plan in place! I had to start somewhere.

Delia Smith – The Canaries – Takes the FLAK

Beside my bed was this weeks magazine from the Times newspaper.


This headline caught my eye. “I’ve Always Had a Lot of Flak. I Was The Boring Cook Doing Boring Stuff”

It was a long article which I thoroughly enjoyed reading because I kept pumping my arms up in the air! She was articulating so well many of my beliefs.

In My Bath – Emotional Olympic Games Interview

So I turned on the radio with the Morning Olympics and off to the bath.

The most amazing thing about following the Olympics is just what you are watching – well away from your normal watching habits. Try the double table tennis, BMX trick riders, canoe slaloms. Incredible entertainment!

Karriss Artingstall is not a name I knew before this morning as I am not into female boxing fan BUT Wow – I was listening to an interview which was a great example of what Delia Smith was talking about. It all fell together to make a blog post.

Delia Smith – The Pop Bits

On the bookshelves of those of us that live in the UK you will probably find a Delia Smith book. She was one of the first TV chefs. Her recipes are still on her website and her Penguin books sales are over 21 million.

She has not published anything since 2009 and her last TV series was 11 years back.

But it is not only professionally that Delia has retired from cookery as the chef at home is her journalist husband Michael Wynne-Jones. He makes it clear that when he is in the kitchen – keep out!

While hubby cooks Delia is working down the bottom of her Suffolk garden on a new book. ‘You Matter’ is to be published next March.

I just think we need to know now to step back a bit from the chaos, and just get to know ourselves inwardly more than we have done. I think everybody’s unique, everybody has a special place. Everyone is a child of the universe if you like. Now I think the answer to the problems we all face is that we underestimate ourselves…

You really now what I’m encouraging people to do is just to step out of the noise for a little while, practice mindfulness or meditation.

I don’t like labels right. Meditation is a word I try to use because it intimidates people I think if people meditate, it’s something esoteric or otherworldly.

Delia Smith – Article in The Times Magazine

How I understand the need to use words carefully. Most of my own products are self-hypnosis related and what a misunderstood field that is. (another day for that rant)

Delia has been writing her book for five years but – in fact, all her life.

During her childhood, Delia was sent to bed early and she could hear kids playing outside. That is when I learned to have a reflective time which is still important to her.

On TV Delia seemed unflappable but she says she was insecure, very, very insecure.

In fact, Paul McCartney of the Beatles once said

I still don’t think I have achieved

Paul McCartney


Buncey – Jumping Up And Down About Boxer Karriss Artingstall

My radio interview about female boxer Karriss Artingstall was played after Steve Bunce a boxing pundit

“She lost by one point from one judge the Cuban judge who had not given her the last round which she won, clearly. [more ranting] … he’s haunted me that Cuban and here was one point, that cost her the place, which means that she’s going out … she’s not in the final. She clearly won it.”

Then followed a quite amazing interview given the disappointment.

KARRISS “I can’t sit and dwell on it, kind of, It’s not gonna achieve anything. And the support I’m getting from back at home and the army made me feel like a champion in itself like just making everybody proud my family my mom especially like just receiving messages just telling me how proud she is it made me feel like a winner in itself so I’m happy, obviously I would have preferred to change the colour of a medal but I’ve only been on Team GB for two and a half years so to achieve what I’ve achieved in such a short space of time. I think it’s brilliant to be honest now that I look into it.”

INTERVIEWER: Can you think back at a low moment in your sporting life, when if I said to you, you’re going to win over Olympic bronze you would have thought I was ridiculous

KARRISS:Yeah, a few months ago, at the Olympic qualifiers and a bit of a wobble I just wasn’t in a great mindset. Mentally I wasn’t, I wasn’t the strongest mentally, physically, I was in the best shape of my life but I can’t stress enough how much it means, as an athlete to be mentally prepared when you, when you compete, you know at the pinnacle of the sport.

INTERVIEWER: And what’s the secret of that, what have you learned about that process and maybe how you can do it even better next time.

KARRISS:If you’ve got to believe in yourself, I think like you’re not here for no reason, the coaches have put the time and effort into you because they obviously see something as well so I think you’ve just got to believe in others, that believe in you and you’ve got to believe in yourself. As I said, I didn’t get to the qualifiers to look I was there for a reason I was there because I’m obviously good at what I do so, I think self-beliefs are a massive, massive thing, and I’m just listening to the coaches and your team around you’re there to help you so you just got to take it on board…

You just got to sit down, have a talk with yourself and just drill it into your head that you are good enough to go on and achieve anything that you want to achieve sort of in and out of being in the Army, help you with that. You know what I got asked this question the other day and I believe that being in the Army, you need to be disciplined, you need to be focused determined strong fit, mobile, and I think you need to carry all the attributes into the ring with you as well. So I think what I learned, going through the army so all the attributes I’ve just said, Being confident, being robust being disciplined determined. I’ve managed to build all them, like, build a character around all that and bring it all into the ring with me as well and I think it’s paid off massively because it goes to show when I’m in the ring, I’ve got a massive heart when it comes to this sport, like some of my fights have been closed, but I believe the way I’ve performed in similar rounds I just get down on my gum shield and I’ve just dug in and like it just goes to show that I’ve got a massive heart and the attributes I’ve built up in the army have definitely carried over with me into boxing.

It was that really important message we all need – Believe In Yourself that moved me

Anxiety and Fear With Self-Hypnosis

Anxiety and Fear With Self-Hypnosis

Anxiety and Fears

The Background Story

Well the times are strange and therefore strange lockdown things are happening.

I have been:

shredding years of old documents,
removing a wonky shower curtain and putting up a shower panel (why did I not do this before?);
old paint tins have had their lids levered open and covering marks on the wall painted over.
and so on.

Then there is this one new venture to complete in my 12 week lockdown

One of the Big Things on My ‘To Do’ List is Now Underway.

I have an online digital store where I sell hundreds of self-hypnosis audio and video downloads. Now when these were uploaded we were working at such a rate that they didn’t get the time for the love and care needed to really promote the recordings well.

For each self-hypnosis product – Adam Eason wrote some background information that you can see on the digital sessions that can be downloaded. The information was put in place in a simple format and quite honestly didn’t look great. My aim is to edit and format all of the products in the store.

The task is actually large and has long been on my list to do BUT as I have just said the TASK IS LARGE.

My Mental Chat

Yesterday was the day when I had a mental chat to myself and I started the renovation.

Where to start? I asked my brain

‘The bundles’. said my chatback brain – (such as the Anxiety and Fear Bundle below).

The thing that struck me as I edited, sorted out the typos and formatted the look was just how informative Adam’s explanations are about the hypnosis processes he has recorded .So informative that my chatback brain said ‘Keith get this information out on your blog’

That makes so much sense as I am really working at getting more people to appreciate and learn more about self-hypnosis. I am offering here the thoughts of a leading Hypnotherapist Adam Eason, who is author of the book ‘The Science Of Self-Hypnosis.

So please make sure that you get a coupon code for purchasing this Anxiety and Fear Bundle.

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The Hypnosis audios that you will be able to download straight after purchase are:

Abandon Anxiety,
Panic Freedom,
Fear Release,
Fear Into Power


It is very well documented these days…Focusing on the breath and breathing is very important if you become anxious.

Breathing slowly and deeply activates the vagus nerve, which is the major quieting nerve of the body. This nerve helps to calm you down automatically, so if you become anxious, deep breathing can help.

In addition and as an alternative, hypnosis is a very positive way to help you conquer anxiety.

You knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?

Here, I want to share with you a very simple and incredibly powerful hypnosis session for overcoming anxiety.

If you ever get anxious, then now is the time to abandon that anxiety.

Firstly, anxiety resulting from trauma and secondly; signal anxiety, which is in effect when someone is trying to protect himself from anxiety resulting from trauma.

No matter what the theory, anxiety relates to a future time and is usually about a future situation.

It also comes from scattered attention and lack of focus.

It is the unknown what causes apprehension and anxiousness.

Living in the moment can help stop anxiety.

We deceive ourselves into thinking we can control, manipulate, or modify the future. In actuality, there are so many variables that we really can’t see all the possibilities that can occur.

In fact, worrying or being anxious causes more anxiety and may cause missing a moment that could be truly valuable.

There is a paradox to anxiety: the more you anticipate what’s going to happen, the more anxious you become.

To eliminate anxiety, becoming quiet and allowing things to happen works better than being anxious about what might happen.

Learn to give your full attention to everything you do at the moment.

By letting go of the anxiety, you conquer it.

Living in the moment does help. Since anxiety is based on the fear of a future outcome, you can learn to cope with this fear by using positive thought.

Remember: you are what you think!

Negative emotions bring negative results.

Positive emotions bring positive results, so learn to laugh at the outcome and think positive!

Yes indeed, laugh more!



Here I offer you a process and technique that is often overlooked by many therapists yet is one of the most empirically researched and proven ways of affecting progressive change within people.

A few years ago, I had a client who was experiencing anxiety for much of each day. He came to one session with me and was shaking, I mean shaking with dread, anxiety and was in one heck of a state.

I asked him to run me through the cause of his anxiety and he explained in great detail.

His explanation was very vivid, he was almost inside of the experience while he talked about it. He was filled with tears and was sobbing in a way that made it difficult to understand what he was saying at first.

So I asked him to explain it all again.

He looked at me oddly and then proceeded to run through the entire thing again, though with no tears this time.

I told him that I was still unsure of all the details in my mind and so could he please explain it once more for me.

He looked at me as if I was being heartless and unsympathetic.

When I asked him to repeat it all a fourth time, he nearly left the room.

At the end of that explanation, he seemed bored of talking about it and was totally unaffected by explaining it all, whereas he was earlier sobbing while explaining.

I pointed this out and he realized what had gone on.

It is this process that I want to explain in more detail today and show you how to use it for some amazing effect in your life.

If you have experienced anxiety in the past, it is most likely a learned response, an old habit.

Just like any other habit, physical tension and emotional anxiety can be learned over time and become associated with certain circumstances, events or situations in your life, and it is those events that stimulate that anxiety.

Learning and Unlearning

It is a core and fundamental belief inherent within modern personal development and certainly within my consulting rooms that anything that can be learned can also be unlearned.

That is, all habits can be broken.

I am certainly not saying that it is easy to break an established habit… Unless of course, you have the right kind of help and processes at your disposal.

This process is fabulous for dissipating those unwanted feelings

Our Cat Spooky

When my wife first took in our cat Spooky because he had been abandoned by his previous owners and left without food or shelter for a long time, he mistrusted humans. He actually feared people, which we suspect was due to his poor treatment.

You see, even animals can learn to be anxious when they do not necessarily need to be.

Our own experience as well as much documented and researched evidence shows that animals can also be trained to overcome their anxieties. Spooky now loves the affections and attention of humans and loves being around people in general…

So much so that when I am working from home, he jumps all over me and my laptop to get my attention!

New Habit To Replace Old

One way to break an old habit is by replacing it with a new habit…

Anxiety and relaxation are two mutually exclusive states; they cannot dominate the same body at the same time, the stronger one tends to progressively cancel the weaker one out.

By training yourself to relax very deeply, and by facing your fears gradually and systematically, you can use the relaxation response to cancel out anxiety, in steps and stages, and replace it with feelings of calm.

All it takes is a little patience and focus.

In the example I used earlier, it happened quite quickly and immediately, however, much continuance and consistency were required over the following weeks to maintain that, and stop any sliding back into old ways.

So here I want to share with you a process known as hypnotic desensitisation which has been used successfully for over fifty years in clinical practice to help people overcome anxiety.

It is used in hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and many others besides.

You’ll begin by easily and simply rehearsing some basic relaxation skills and then facing your fears in the safety of whatever comfortable room or place you choose at the same time.

You just use your imagination to picture the things that you want to overcome and dissipate.

By running through such a process, you then find that the same feelings of relaxation remain with you outside in the real world when you have finished the process.

This is a marvellous process I am delighted to share with you.


Wherever you are sat this very moment reading this, if I were to run into that place, clapping my hands loudly and shouting “Fire! Fire!” you may well panic and rush to save your own life.

And no doubt be irritated that I was testing my notion and subsequently smiling cheekily.

This is an expected kind of panic — unlike the type of panic that this hypnosis session is aimed at quelling…

In my therapy rooms at the time of writing this, I have had more than the usual numbers of people panicking…

I am certain it is not actually to do with the messages we are getting from the government announcing “Don’t Panic” with regards to the seemingly devastating financial situation here in the UK at the moment — that the media seems determined to terrify everyone about.

So what is it?Is it that people are more self-aware?Does our enhanced sense of self and self-consciousness make us more capable of scaring ourselves?

I have no idea, to be honest.

It has raised some fascinating thoughts and encounters recently in my therapy sessions though…

Many hypnotherapists are reluctant to interact formally with their clients while they (the client) is in hypnosis.

With this hypnosis session, I offer you a really simple technique that can be done by anyone to let go of panic…

The idea of the strategy within this hypnosis session is to identify and then to obtain information from within your unconscious mind, about each part of the panic symptom complex.

What do I mean by that?

By that, I am referring to the set of symptoms that people experience when they panic.

So this hypnosis session is going to describe for you a way in which you can have a tool immediately available to you for relieving an anxiety attack of any kind.

‘Immediately available’ sounds good, doesn’t it?

Bear in mind, you do not have to have an ongoing panic issue for this to be something you use — it can be something you keep in your mind in case it is ever required.

I know you are going to love this session.


How to go into your mind and start letting go of any fears of any kind!

I went to an engagement party recently. A close friend of mine is now engaged and planning on marrying next year and had a celebratory party. It was great fun and I got to catch up with lots of old friends.

Of course, no party is complete without balloons. Some of the children were playing with balloons and I was helping them have some fun with them, not to mention tying the knots at the end of balloons that had been blown up too much. I showed a couple of kids how to rub the balloons on their heads and make it stick to the wall or ceiling with the static. It kept them amused for ages, though our hosts may have become less amused with their new wall decorations.

Balloons are such fun, aren’t they?

Well, I associate them with having fun.

I am going to come back to balloons later…

I have mentioned the idea lots of times before and quoted excerpts from my favourite self-help books, such as ‘The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind’ by Joseph Murphy and ‘As A Man Thinketh’ by James Allen.

They mention that rather wonderful idea of your mind being like a rich, fertile garden.

Of course, the garden needs tending — you need to plant good healthy seeds, and if you do not take care of the garden, weeds can grow.

The thoughts you allow into your mind — especially the ones that you think of the most and focus on continually — are the fruits that are going to grow and manifest in your life… it is as simple as that.

This notion is familiar to regular readers of my ezine and I am not going to repeat it much more here.

Instead, I want us to go into the garden of our minds and do some major cultivation. This is like primo-dynamite weeding!

With this fantastic hypnosis session, I show you how to go into your mind and start letting go of any fears of any kind.

You just have a particular direction in mind as to how you are going to benefit from this hypnosis session…

By that, I mean that you should think of a specific area of your life that you may have some fears or apprehensions about.

What with the garden of your mind and lots of fun with balloons, this session is a remarkable journey!

When you have an old notion in your mind, as guided throughout the session, you then proceed to let go of what you no longer need…A bit like popping balloons, or at least, like letting the air out of them!

It really is as simple as that with this hypnosis session — enjoy the freedom you get with this session.

I know you are going to find it as liberating as everyone else does.


F.E.A.R. What a word.

Many people allow themselves to be debilitated by fear…

And they allow the fear to hold them back in many areas of life without ever even realising it…

They are scared of certain outcomes, scared of failure, scared of humiliation…

And their brain makes it go wild and fantastical and increases the fear…

With this session, I want to show you how to turn fear into power and strength.

Within the fields of modern personal development, a phenomenon known as anchors is talked about a great deal…

We have anchored responses to all sorts of things, like when we see the new trainers we bought at Christmas, we start feeling guilty for not running in them since the first week of January…

Or when we smell the coolness of the air (it has been snowing here in the UK and the freezing air has a real particular smell to it) it reminds of us when we went skiing…

Or when we see an old friend, we go all warm inside and smile or even laugh as we connect them to lots of good times in our lives…

These are all anchored responses that occur in our lives.

Many of us have even more negative anchors too…

Like guilt associated with spending time caring for oneself…Or fear associated with approaching someone with a view to dating, or starting a relationship…

And that fear is unattractive and can be sensed and is communicated to the world and makes it even harder for us to be perceived as attractive by the people we want to.

So with this session, I want us to start turning old fears into empowerment.

You can use this for any circumstance that in the past used to make you feel fearful…

You are going to love the freedom you feel following this!

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10th Anniversary NAMS Offer and Income Content

10th Anniversary NAMS Offer and Income Content

I tried to do this without reading a script. Lost it near the end

So here it goes – I am breaking a basic rule – the experienced internet marketers advise against, people like me, getting potential clients to take more than one action when they read your post or e-mail.

BUT – I have two actions that I would like you to make today.

So what am I doing?

Well – I have an incredible 10th Anniversary Membership (NAMS) that I invite you to join if you have ever wanted to develop an online income.


I am offering anybody that joins NAMS a BONUS of three months membership of Self-Hypnosis Streaming membership website which gives you content to promote and earn income immediately.

In other words you will have package that can get you started in affiliate project – the first of many. You will have all the help you could ask for to develop an online business.


Let us look at what is on offer here – the value of this special offer at NAMS.

I have been selling audio products on the internet for many years but during the last three years we had sold less products than we had in the past. There were very many reasons and I needed to get some help with my marketing and whizz voom – I found it.

After some research I joined NAMS about two years ago, which is run by David Perdew and his daughter Jen.

What a find!! I have recently re-developed my whole business using marketing skills learned at NAMS.

I am a full insider member and have access to all of the resources of a huge library of training material.

BUT even better than that there is a weekly webinar where members can and ask questions (in fact are encouraged to). It is in these meetings that you can see the integrity of David and Jen and learn from their experiences and failures. This is a really helpful community etc etc.

I could go on and on BUT I think you have got the point. AND you can go and look at this special offer and become an Insider too.


This is the first ACTION MESSAGE – please go and read all about this NAMS offer this month of July only.

The Anniversary Offer gives you up to 80% on-going reduction in the membership fee.


This is the ideal bonus to give you if you join NAMS as it gives you simple ‘in-demand’ content to develop a recurring income of 50% commissions.

The affiliate programme that we have developed for our Self-Hypnosis Streaming membership website is exclusively for members. THIS IS THE REAL KEY as it is best to promote something that you know well and can give a clear and honest assessment of the membership content.

My new approach to offering our self-hypnosis audios is via a streaming service, which offers incredible value, sound and video files, in a very efficient and effective delivery system.

This self-hypnosis membership website is fully of in demand self-help and educational audios and videos. The members are the very people that will have experienced and appreciated the value of membership and will be the best people to be affiliates and promote.

So I have an exclusive affiliate programme in place BUT let be honest and point this out to you.

I have run affiliate programmes in the past and the sad point was that a handful of our affiliates made good money – but about 90% of our affiliates earned nothing at all.

The truth is that you need to learn some basic skills to get started – and once started – the size of the pickings grow and so does your income. It is not difficult but you DO need to get the right training.

NAMS is ideal for newbies as well as advanced marketers.

I can promise you that our Hypnosis For Streaming membership will give anyone a newbie or experienced marketer.

Anyway I don’t want to go on about the Self-Hypnosis Streaming membership website because you will have three FREE months if you join NAMS. So you will have three months to get your promoting and income started.

A nice simple combination…

Joining NAMS AND getting access to an evergreen affiliate content program for recurring monthly income is a great

My bonus for anyone that joins me as an Insider Member of NAMS.

I have a nice, simple, in demand content affiliate membership for you to promote. In NAMS you will learn all the tricks of the trade for building mailing lists and getting traffic and so on and you will be able to promote many affiliate offers.

BUT where to get started making money on line.


By filling in this form you will get a very VIP place in my mailing list. I will be confident to communicate with you and know you would like to earn 50% commissions and work with me to grow an online business. Let

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Endless Affiliate Profits – Affiliate Marketing Checklists

Endless Affiliate Profits – Affiliate Marketing Checklists

This Endless Affiliate Profits Post Is Urgent

I have had on my task list all week ‘WRITE BLOG POST’ and this morning it had moved into my MUST DO TODAY CATEGORY!!!

Luckily this blog post can be short because all of the details are on the page I will be sending you to.

If you look through my blog posts, you will see, that I am wanting to work with you, if you are thinking about making money as an affiliate online.
I have hundreds of products in a membership website packed with Self-Hypnosis products. Now – I want to find an army of people, to promote the membership, and make money alongside me. That is the ‘Win Win’ situation of Affiliate promotions.

Come and join my retirement project! – that’s my cry.

If you are already an experienced affiliate, and understand the rules of the game – then just get involved – get in touch with me and we are off. In fact – let’s talk today.

However What About You If You Are a Newbie To Affiliate Marketing?

The reality is you NEED training – and I want to introduce you to the BEST.

I have been working on the internet since 1994 and I have trained with so many people


For the last two years I have discovered an amazing training resource led by David Perdew. I will write about David and his Internet Marketing Membership website later this week.

Endless Affiliate Profits – Affiliate Marketing Checklists – (20 Of Them)

This is one of those times when I want to be first!

David Perdew and the NAMS Team have just released an amazing set of
20 Affiliate Marketing Checklists that anyone can use to build an online revenue stream FAST!

They’re calling it Endless Affiliate Profits!

Endless Affiliate Profits

And the price is – well, it’s ridiculously low for all the gold that it contains.

But wait until you see the bonuses!

He’s giving away four of his top selling affiliate and traffic courses as bonuses during this launch period!


Affiliate Email Swipe Profits
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Massive Traffic Playbook
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That’s more than $400 in real training value. And you get all that plus Endless Affiliate Profits 20 Pro Checklists for less than £13.40 – $17.

The urgency of getting this blog out is because the low price offer and the added bonuses are only available for the next five days.

Come BACK and Join My Affiliate Programme

When you have checked out this offer DO RETURN HERE to this post and get in touch with me because you can become an affiliate and join my community making an income on the Internet.

Cancer Screening Not Keeping Track With Cures

Cancer Screening Not Keeping Track With Cures

Cancer Screening Take Up Rates Are Falling.

I am feeling well.   YES – I AM FEELING WELL – VERY WELL AND I have cancer!

It has been strange for me this year as I learned in February that I have a tumour with some smaller deposits in my abdomen and in my lungs.

Why Strange?

Well because here we are in November and I still have not got any symptoms and YES I am still feeling well – even though my treatment has now started.

No symptoms – but a secret, silent, hidden cancer.

I will tell you my story below – but first of all let me explain why I am writing this blog.

[The figures I quote in this blog are from UK studies]

50% of Briton’s will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes.  So this is an issue which will affect every family.

But even with this alarming statistic I read this in the paper this week: levels for breast cancer screening are at their lowest for a decade according to NHS digital data.  NHS figures showed uptake of screening checks for cervical cancer fell for the fourth year to hit 71.4% in 2017-18.

What a crying shame as early cancer diagnosis makes all the difference to treatment outcome.

In fact – UK cancer survival rates have fallen to the bottom half of world league tables for seven cancers and only come in the top 10 for two.

This is really disturbing when you look at what is possible with early detection and screening.

A pilot program in Manchester recently scanned more than 2500 people in three deprived areas of the city where lung cancer is more prevalent and discovered 46 cases of cancer. Of these 80% were early stage one, the scheme funded by the Manchester Clinical Commissioning Groups and Macmillan Cancer Support has quadrupled the early diagnosis rates for lung cancer in Manchester

The difficulty is that the majority of cancers present with vague symptoms and are much more likely to be something else.

  • headaches are rarely brain tumors,
  • abdominal pains, rarely bowel cancer,
  • lower back pain and tightness, rarely, kidney cancer

GPs (doctors) are gatekeepers and have to decide which merit urgent investigation. Money and politics get in the way!  Why the GP practices are not working well to achieve good fast referrals will be for another blog.

This week, the former National Director of cancer Professor Sir Mike Richardson published a report on how NHS treatment could be transformed and speeded up. It is driven by the new understanding that delays of a few months really matter.   It requires a radical rethink, including investment in many more machines and staff so that diagnostic tests can be done far more rapidly alerting people to the importance of having their symptoms seen at the earliest point, more screening and specialist cancer centers and pushing GPs to refer anyone whose chance of cancer is higher than 3%.

Let Me Tell You My Story Which Has a Quirky Twist and a Touch of Romance.

I had cancer of the kidney five years ago, which I discovered through finding blood in my urine. So I had a clear symptom and followed up right away. I had that kidney removed and have been for yearly follow up since.

This year was the fifth anniversary, and in February I went along to see my consultant surgeon, Mr Wedderburn at Bournemouth hospital.

All was looking good – bloods were fine, my renal function from the remaining kidney was good. I felt well. So Mr Wedderburn said that he would get a scan done and if that was ok I could be discharged from his care.

Three days after I had the scan a letter arrived with an appointment (I nearly wrote invitation :-)) to see the consultant. It had been two years since my previous scan and a tumour had not been apparent at all then. However now two years later there was a growth near to where the kidney was originally – but also there were some new small deposits including in my lungs.

The thing to stress is that from that day in February right through to this day in November – I have had no indication or symptoms that anything is wrong. Everything normal, pilates classes, badminton and daily walks all carried on as usual. A strange situation really – knowing you have cancer but totally well. A fortunate scan giving earlier warning and earlier treatment.

Isn’t Life Strange – Location – Randomisation – ROMANCE thrown in.

Bournemouth – 5 miles from home

My starting point was locally. I was referred to Dr Delgart an Oncologist at Bournemouth.

In a nutshell – the cancer cells that I have are papillary. Now that apparently is not good as clear cancer cells respond more easily to the standard treatment currently available. Trust me to have the wrong sort!

However the doctors world being very research based meant that Dr Geldart had colleagues working elsewhere that were doing clinical research into the papillary cells that I have.

Southampton – 30 miles from home

So from Bournemouth – I was referred to Dr Wheater in Southampton  where they were hoping to start the new clinical trial in September.

The study has a great name SUNNIFORECAST which is a European randomised phase 2 study of Sunitinub/Ipilumumab immunitherapy. Basically attacking the tumours with two antibodies at the same time.

I had another scan arranged for September and with a bit of luck I would meet all the right criteria (checking other things medically such as my heart background – heart attack and stroke in the past!) That scan showed that the tumour was growing slowly.

However a disappointment. In September it became clear that the clinical trial was not going to start till next year.

BUT here was the big surprise for me!

Dr Wheater also had a colleague who was going to start the Clinical Study in London at the Royal Free Hospital and that had the go ahead to start in November.

Royal Free Hospital – Hampstead, London – 120 miles from home

The Royal Free is a 120 mile journey from my home in Poole – but the thing that made it attractive was because I had worked there for four years as a Charge Nurse on a Surgical Ward in the 1970s.
I had also met my wife Barbara there as she was a student nurse when I first got to know her. She came to work on my ward as a staff nurse when she finished her training and – well – I was her boss then. (Guess she is the boss now).  Love her.

Anyway it is an area of London we both love. I was due to start my treatment at the Royal Free on Monday and so we made a weekend of it.  We spent last weekend around Hampstead and the picture is me and Babs with our daughter Zoe and a friend of hers.

My Clinical Trial For a New Combination Of Immunotherapy Infusions.

Doctor Boleti is my new Oncologist and she has a terrific team at the Royal Free. My real champion has been the renal cancer research nurse Anna Pejovik who has arranged tight schedules for investigations and frankly everything!!

I had one concern because there is a slight lottery about all of this.

It is a randomised trial and there is a chance that you will be selected for the old treatment rather than the new therapy. I prayed that the computer would pull my name out and it did. A week ago Anna rang me to say that I would be getting the new combination immunotherapy and it would start on Monday.

After the treatment on Monday all has been well. No side effects to date!  AND Yes I am Feeling Well!

I Am Telling My Story Here For a Couple of Reasons.

1. Cancer Treatment is changing fast and Immunotherapy is the name of the game.

My journey over just a few months show how much is changing and new treatments are emerging all of the time. Dr Boleti told me that dealing with cancer is like control of any chronic condition, and that most people will die from some other cause.

In last weekends Times Supplement there was an article about James Allison who was one of the first research scientists looking into Immunotherapy.

The long article was entitled (which I can’t give you the URL link because it is a paid subscription)

‘Immunotherapy could revolutionise care for cancer patients. So is this the end of chemotherapy as we know it?’

Quote from Times Article:

Cut, burn, poison, aka surgery, radiation and chemotherapy, were the options for cancer sufferers. But one man had other ideas. James Allison pursued his belief in immunotherapy for years when the medical world was doubtful. No longer. Last month he won the Nobel prize for medicine (with help from his brilliant colleagues and brainy wife – Dr Sharma). Now his research is changing everything we know about treating cancer.

What do I owe this man and his team?

And yes, it is quite amazing that treatments like the chemotherapy treatments (which I was involved with at times in my nursing days)  that we hear about from the past, which were pretty onerous and very toxic drugs – have now been replaced by much better treatments.

2. Cancer Screening

I was lucky because my original cancer was obvious because of the bleeding. The cancer this time was not obvious but post surgery after care highlighted the problem.

So I got my scan 9 months ago and the secret, silent, hidden cancer was revealed.   If my cancer had got to the stage where I was showing symptoms  … need I say more.

The answer is to really improve our screening rates. Get those take up figures rising.

Depending on your age, sex, occupation – there are various screening checks available.   PLEASE seek them out and give yourself a better chance of picking up any issues early.

Cancer Screening picks up the problems before symptoms occur and at an early stage where the treatment and control will have a better chance to work.  The solutions and treatments are improving daily.

Big Letters to Shout Again – KEEP YOUR SCREENING UP TO DATE!

Please share this blog message – it is so important to emphasise the need for early access.

Retirement or Part Time Online Income – Maybe For You?

Retirement or Part Time Online Income – Maybe For You?

This Online Income Secret Plan

I have been working all this year to put together my Hypnosis For Streaming package with a simple online income plan for affiliates

The real SECRET is to read this page and take ACTION. 

Any questions at all JUST call me on 07401 719619 or Skype keithaw2k1 me.

Online Income – No Age Barrier – Please Read This And Fully Understand My Plan.


Each week I join a group of people on a weekly masterclass in internet marketing and making online income.   In fact the timing of the online meeting is a nuisance to me because I have to get back from badminton and am always hot and disheveled – we are visible on the screen to other participants – I might not look good but it is great that they can’t smell me.

The participants on the Zoom (great webinar service) masterclass call are a great source of knowledge – and I never want to miss the session.  I will tell you more about David and Jen who run this group, below.

The participants all have different niches products, experience etc.  One lady is a gardener and she is learning how to put out information products about her field.

The Online Income Issue

There is a fundamental issue though with making money online.  You need to know how to do it. 

It doesn’t just happen.  When doing anything online – you have to learn a few tricks to make things happen. 

The knowledge you need gets labeled as Internet Marketing;

  • building mailing lists
  • driving traffic
  • social media promotion
  • etc etc and so on – always more to learn

Yes – Lots to learn – but great fun when you begin to see the action happening and income coming in.

All Great If You Have Products – But What if You Don’t?

Well – One of the best ways to make money online is to sell other peoples products.

NO that is not strictly TRUE  —  It is about pre-selling – but that is part of the training.

Affiliate programs are what you join and GUESS WHAT!  I have one which I am inviting you to join.  More about that below – but first of all some background knowledge – an inside look into my thinking. 




[**PLEASE NOTE** I Have Moved Away From This BUT It Explains Why I Made Big Changes]


Last year I set up an affiliate program for an online E-commerce store  –

What we have at ‘Hypnosis for Download’ are well over 200 evergreen products to promote. They are audios and videos that are downloadable and sell worldwide – with immediate delivery.

Ideal evergreen products – great value and we have  zero refunds.
Digital for immediate Delivery –
Good products, worldwide audience.

Now obviously I can advertise the website and sell the products myself – and I do – but my aim is much more ambitious than that.

I WANT to welcome some affiliates, BECAUSE promotion by others is preferable and adds social proof.

My original approach to get affiliates seemed sensible but in reality I was wrong – and I realised I needed to change my approach.

What was my mistake?

I assumed that the best affiliates would be hypnotherapists as they would have the knowledge of the subject and would be able to pre-sell potential purchasers. 

That may well be true – BUT what most of them didn’t have was the internet marketing training and knowledge.  Most of them did not know how to attract traffic, build mailing lists and attract targeted potential clients via social media.

We had a couple of affiliates who made some money but I began to question whether the the affiliates needed to be hypnotherapists. Mmmmmmm !! ??

The  most important thing is that new affiliates need to know all about the products AND have training.

Everything Was Evaluated Early This Year.

 The  conclusions were clear and can be summed up in this short list

  1. The affiliate program software we had used was not great – find better
  2. The problem with the promoting individual products in our store was too complicated – make the affiliate package simpler.
  3. The internet was now very mobile and downloading of products was a nuisance – better to be streamed and deliverable to any internet connected device.
  4. The affiliates on board needed more training – and I was not the best person to provide that – I was already a member of  NAMS and I knew they were the team to work with.
  5. The affiliates do not need to be hypnotherapists – as long as they have some access to the products and understand how to build lists and get traffic etc.
  6. There was no commitment from many potential affiliates that joined and took NO ACTION – so get them to be paying members before offering them affiliate links.
So a new strategy was essential.  It looked formidable AND it has been a lot of work- BUT IT IS NOW all in place and getting the message out there is now the task ahead for me.

I have an online income plan in place and I would like you to join me. 


OK!  –




1. A Streaming Hypnosis Membership (Netflix type approach)
The members have all of the audios and videos available to members.   High Value because £1500 (and rising) worth of audios and videos available on all digital devices with wifi or telephone access anywhere in the world.

2. Simple Affiliate Programme and Recurring Monthly Income.
The great advantage for affiliates is that a membership offers MONTHLY 50% payments.

[SECRET – just see what is on offer – you pay £7.50 to join – get your affiliate code and just ONE new member gets you £3.75 monthly.  Introduce 2 Members and you have FREE Membership.  Oh and of course Multiply that up for monthly income – you can do the maths.] 

So what you may need training.

3. Training – I Strongly Recommend that You Join NAMS Membership.
Above I was writing about NAMS marketing membership.  You can be trained to be a great affiliate for my streaming hypnosis – but of course following David and Jen you will ALSO be able to promote many online products.

[SECRET – The same situation applies.  As a NAMS Insider you will also get the opportunity to be an affiliate – and get 50% commission for new members  – Two new members in and you have FREE training!]

4. Both Affiliate Programmes Are Only Available To Members.
If you want to be a successful (and some affiliates are super successful) then you need to know and enjoy the product you are promoting.  If you are a member you have every opportunity to use the product and speak about it from first hand knowledge.  Your recommendations will be authentic and will ring true. 

To put it bluntly ‘No BS’

hypnosis streaming membership and affiliate opportunity

Your Chance To Get Started Today By Checking Out Both Memberships

1. Hypnosis For Streaming – Three Days

What I have on offer to you right now is three days access to the Hypnosis For Streaming membership site.  Free Access with no obligation.  Please take a look and I will be available to you to answer any questions.

1. NAMS Insiders Club – 14 Days Trial Access For $1

As I mentioned above I am a member of this group run by David and his daughter Jen. During the 14 Days you will be able to take in the amazing array of resources and training available in the membership area. The Integrity and

I am not suggesting for a moment that you get the internet market training just to promote our products.  The fact is there are countless affilate projects and the training with David will help you acquire the skills.

Don’t forget – you can join and with your affiliate links find potential members (much as I am doing here) to get further income for yourself.   Just two new members and you have your membership covered.

Having been around the scene for many years I can tell you that there is an abundance of poor internet training online. – I can put my hand on my heart and tell you that David and Jen offer the best training resources I have come across online.


By Clicking The Button Below

  • You will get access to three days free no obligation access to the Hypnosis For Streaming membership   You will have a link to register.
  • You will also get to a page on Marketing Training NAMS website where you will be able to check out the amazing arrange of resources and training content for just $1.  This will give you 14 days to check out and link with me to ask any questions.

I have a few surprises up my sleeve for those of you who link up.  Get on board and it will be great to chat.  This is my baby – a retirement project and I welcome you along.

Hypnosis Downloads To Hypnosis Streaming

Hypnosis Downloads To Hypnosis Streaming

Hypnosis Downloads To Hypnosis Streaming – My Ecommerce Strategy Over 10 Years

I have been around on the internet long enough to know that you must not sit still if you want to be a successful internet marketer.  Furthermore the goalposts keep changing.

Hypnotherapist Adam Eason and I put together hundreds of audio and video products and have sold them in various ways online.

Let me give you an inside view of the changes we have gone through when selling them online – a real education.

1Shopping Cart

I originally used about 10 years ago an ecommerce service 1shoppingcart for our digital products. 

1Shopping cart was ok and had a good affiliate package so that we could attract affiliates to sell our products.

The downside (things have changed now) of 1shopping cart was that there were no themes and you had to link your sales pages into the shopping functionality.

We originally sold CDs as well but our sales were predominantly digital, partly because they were a cheaper, and because they were available instantly.   Dropped the CDs.

Big Commerce

After about five years we changed to Big Commerce to sell our products.   

I flippantly say changed  – but that does not tell you a thing about how hard it is to set up a new shopping site with hundreds of download products.

The audios and videos were far too large to be accommodated on the shopping service websites. 

So we had to upload all the files to Amazon Web Services storage and deliver a pdf download to the customer when they purchased which had the link to the download pages.  Cumbersome but the only way to directly offer immediate response when the customer purchased.

CONS of Big Commerce.   NO Affiliate package!!

What a mistake to make on my part.

I tried on more than one occasion to add a third party affiliate management solution.  The products I tried were a disaster. 

We did manage to get some affiliates – but only about five of them were successful – I will not begin to tell you the issues with software involved.   NO – I will Urrrgghhh

WooCommerce – Much Better Solution

About two years ago I changed to WordPress plugin solution WooCommerce – a great answer and offering a lot of new options.  

DOWNSIDE!!!   I had to set up ALL of the products once again.

But there were new options and besides which there was a noticeable change in customer behaviour online.

We had noticed that the hypnosis downloads were NOT selling so well online. Surveys showed that people were using there phones and other mobile devices to access their digital products.

Also – Gave Mobile Apps A Try!!

We decided to put our hypnosis sessions (the cheaper products) out as mobile apps. 

A real mistake I have to admit. 

The products had to be sold for pence in that market and it really undervalued them.  OK we were getting them out through iTunes, Amazon etc but keeping up with the changes in their software was baffling.  Not for me and we pulled away from that.

Getting Help

About 18 months ago I joined an internet marketing training membership ran by David Perdew and his daughter Jen.  It was NAMS and what a great place to land.  Here were some real successful marketers whose integrity from the word go I admired.

My retirement project makes me keen to find a way to market these great evergreen self-hypnosis products.   Because of the reasons I have been sharing with you in my last few blogs (go have a look) you will understand that I really want people to learn the power of the brain and how to control your thinking.

Hypnosis Streaming Membership – My Netflix Approach

As I tuned into all of the training material on NAMS I realised that there was a new option.   A membership website – low cost monthly access.  I call it my Netflix approach – as the content offered is varied and suits different customer needs.

I wanted people entering the membership website to have access to anything.

Also any updates to the membership were simple.

AGAIN there was the issue of setting up everything yet again – SO BE IT!

I got really excited then as I worked through the advantages and opportunities to develop the membership website.

Membership Advantages

Giving Customers Huge Value:

Besides the individual self-hypnosis sessions there are programmes and educational videos.  For example a product that sells on our Hypnosis For Download website for £95 is there.

Also Giving Customers New Options:

I will be looking for new hypnotherapists to join and am not really concerned about duplicate sounding sessions.  It will be great to add specialists of course and I will do that.  However if I have different scripts for say ‘Control Your Weight’ what is the problem – some people will prefer a female voice or different accent.

Product Delivery and Service Easier:

With only streaming delivery – as long as the customer has internet access they will be able to get their audios delivered anywhere in the world on any device, pc, tablet, TV, phone.  Streaming is easier!
If you have ever delivered digital products online you will probably understand it when I say the service and customer support can be very time consuming.  All of our audios that were downloaded were zipped – and just dealing with questions about that was tiresome to say the least (even though all of the information was supplied on the thank you page and the support desk)

Security Of Products

With my new setup I have set things up using a product delivery platform ProductDyno.  I was keen to find a fast delivery and security so that files could not easily be downloaded.  With Amazon storage and streamed delivery we have improved the secure delivery of our products.

What Great Landing Magnet Website

We have the WooCommerce online sales of the products in Hypnosis For Download.  This is great as it still sells products and has traffic already.  So it will continue to function and act as a lead magnet.  We know that anybody buying a product there is interested in self-hypnosis.

The thank you page and purchaser follow up e-mails are now offering a three day access to a demonstration copy of our Hypnosis For Streaming Membership area.

This is the page they and in fact anyone are offered three day access in our demonstration website.

Monthly Payment For Affiliates:

This was another idea developed from what I learned at NAMS.   ONLY Members would be able to be affiliates.

All members of Hypnosis For Streaming membership website will get an affiliate link.  Each member can get 50% referral payments on going.  The best people to promote you are current users.  Real life testimonials.

All Additions To Membership Will be Automatically Available To All Members

This is a big one.  The smallest changes will be available – constant updating is a reality.

Getting To Know You:

Within the membership you have access to your community.  It is easy to arrange webinars, events and so on.  So what a good place to end this blog.   I am just longing to get to know  you within our Membership area.