It is not often you will find me deadly serious but I am today.  I am on my soap box.

My career was nursing and there are a couple of things that make me get my megahorn out.

Prevention so much better than trying to cure - vaccinations etc.  (remember Wakefield and all his nonsense about Measles jab)

Early diagnosis - don't live with your worries about a lump, rash or whatever - get it seen early

So why my post about this today?  

Eighteen months ago there was no cure for covid.  

In fact in my personal situation my oncology consultant told me I was highly vulnerable and the really important thing was not to catch it.  All the distancing, staying home and so on.


Here we are 18 months later with an effective vaccine and better chances for anyone that gets this deadly and I mean DEADLY virus - which has not gone away.

Most of the people I know are now double jabbed and it means I have at last been able to get out of my shell.  

Some of the people I know have not been vaccinated - and I am giving them a wide berth.  What are they thinking?  

This blog is for them.

OK - So what happens when these clever scientists are elated with the initial take up of the vaccine - they are delighted of course.

BUT then out of the shadows comes social media nonsense - whatever you like to call them...

So Easy To Have Stopped This Happening

I decided to write this blog because I know the family of Leslie Lawrenson are urging everyone to get the vaccine so that their families don't  experience the same thing.

There are stories like this everywhere now but this one was in the Bournemouth Echo and the quotes are from the family.

anti-vaxxer dies at 58

Leslie was a 58 year old solicitor.   

Yes - please take that in.

Here is  Stepdaughter Carla's 35 thoughts

"He was a really well educated who ended up in the rabbit hole about the vaccine. thinking that if he got the virus he would be ok."
"I go through emotions feeling sad and frustrated.  There's so much out there, it's easy to get wrapped up in conspiracy theories, the anti-vaxxers game is strong."
"He was just convinced natural anitbodies could fight this and said that the vaccine was not fully approved."
"My mum would talk to him about it, everything she would say he would have a counter argument for, she was scared to have it and scared to not have it."
"If you are on the fence, sit down and look at what has happened to my family."
"My 11 year old brother now doesn't have a dad anymore.  Our life is not going to be the same as it was six weeks ago, it's completely different."

Thanks Jennifer Anniston - Well Said

Thankfully there are more and more people talking sensibly.

One of my acting favourites is Jennifer Anniston.  There is she believes a "moral obligation" to do so and "we have to care more about more than just ourselves."
"There's a large group of people that are antivaxers or just don't listen to facts." she tells 'InStyle' magazine.  "It's a real shame."

Well said Jen.

AND thumbs up to, of all people, Arnold Schwarzenegger who recently said on Twitter: "Know your strengths and listen to the experts.

Please STOP And Think And Look At Real Scientific Facts

To complete I want to add my condolences to the Lawrenson family.

I hope, like you Carla, that somebody reading this will just stop and think NOW and take a simple action  before it is too late for their families also.