I am no astrologer but I wonder if the stars have aligned. Someone above is working on my side.

Motorhomes (for you US buddies of mine you probably call this an RV) is at the heart of what I am about.

First of all my son, Tom sent a Whatsapp to us from his motorhome that he is driving around Portugal on his honeymoon.

OK that is fair enough

But I picked up today’s Times and there was one of my favourite comedians Paul Merton and his partner Suki Webster advertising a programme series that they have made travelling around the UK in a 24ft motorhome – I gasped with joy! What a beautiful beast.

BUT it didn’t stop there – a more subtle come on.

I added my wats-on logo to a picture I was editing in Canva and I put on a new logo for a blog I am going to be using on a new wats-onthego website

However I have got to work this right – you will see what I mean.

The Lurking Story

I think you can tell that there lurks a story. –

Let me give you a couple of clues

My wife Barbara (Babs) replied to Tom’s Whatsapp “It all looks amazing! Dad is very jealous of you Tom. I’d rather been in Zoe’s accommodation myself Xx” [Zoe was in a rather magnificent accommodation for her anniversary weekend.]

Also, I rather stupidly asked Babs what she thought of the Paul Merton cool motorhome. “Did you see the price?” was the answer? Admittedly it was £110,000. ($140,000}

I think you are now ready for the full story.

We had a motorhome for seven years and we travelled all over the UK, Spain and Portugal. I loved it all and could bore you silly with how good it made me feel. Babs – seemed to love it sometimes and hanker for home comforts at other times. I still think she loved it more than she will let on.

We decided to sell when I started to need ongoing monthly treatment for my cancer. So the large area in our garden just perfect for a motorhome has sat forlorn. I am keen to fill the gap.

So the deal is this – and let me tell you it is an incredible motivator.

We will not buy a new motorhome with our savings – NO, I have to earn it.

The reason I am doing this project is to build my relationships on social media.

Building my traffic, building my list, offering high-value products and well let’s not beat about the bush – selling them.

Big Buying Tip

Now here is a very big tip for anyone else out there wanting to buy a motorhome.

There are so many people taking stay vacations at home and motorhome sales are  40.9% rise compared to August 2019. In addition, while new motorhomes and campervans proved to be extremely popular,

So my tip is wait to buy till next year when travel abroad by planes return and I bet you a dollar there will be buyers market. There will be a glut of hardly used second hand vehicles on the market.

My target is to have the cash from my work online to be get my home on the road travels started again. AND I also know that Babs will be excited as well.