I refuse to be on the defensive – even to my Christian friends – about my passion for and close involvement with getting the word out about the remarkable power of hypnosis.  I am absolutely delighted to be in business with Adam Eason promoting his hypnotherapy products.  As a result of the association I am privileged to witness first hand how life changing this hypnotic therapy can be.

Imagine how good this makes us feel ….

AND – this is by no means an isolated incident.

What can give you a better feeling in life than receiving an e-mail such as this one which came in this morning.  We are asking the sender if we can use on our website as a testimonial but I will obviously not reveal the identity of the sender here.

Hi Adam/Keith,
I’ve just read your recent article on boosting your immune system and I thought I’d share something with you.

Four years ago I had surgery to remove a non cancerous growth which was extremely painful before the surgery and even more painful after the surgery. The pain continued for four years despite trips to various doctors and other complementary health practicioners. I’m a diabetic (version 2) and I was told that there was a million to one chance that the growth that was removed might grow back and it did! Also being a diabetic means things don’t heal too quickly if at all.

This year I went back to the surgeon who suggested another op or that I try somehow to kick start my failing immune system. Well I tried everything from spiritual healing to Reiki and also my own visualisation techniques.

Then I bought some of your products. I can’t say for sure which of your products has done the trick by helping to remove and repair my surgical complaint but the end result is that the new growth has completely vanished and I’ve been pain free for a few weeks now!!

At a guess I’d say it was the “Amplify anything in your brain” product that did the trick because I told my brain under hypnosis to respond to my self healing requirements and to remove any blocks.

So thanks very much for creating excellent products! They can be quite addictive with all those “Sci Fi” type sounds in them.

There’s no need to reply to this but I thought you might be interested all the same.

Yep – the power of the mind is awesome and really does control everything that goes on within you.  Getting in control of your thoughts and more importantly your deeply seated subconscious thoughts with self-hypnosis is something everyone should explore.

I feel happy!