The Ideal Bed For Foreplay

I do understand where Tertia Albertyn is coming from in her blog entry “Sleep – The New Foreplay”

In summary she has a sleeping arrangement proposal.
Sleep in same bed as partner = restless / disturbed night = tiredness = lack of interest touchy feely and thingy

Sleep separate beds = good nights sleep = alive and full of life = er…. well you know

It is amazing how important sleep is for a healthy lifestyle in every way.  Only this week some research has linked lack of sleep with obesity in children as just one further example.  

The thing that prompted me to write something about this topic though is that my wife Babs and I have found the ideal bed to overcome all the problems.  In fact it was one of the things that most attracted us to choosing the house we are living in now.  The bed is fabulous and whenever we are away from home we realise what a blessing it is. 

Bed manufacturers take note.

It is a large double bed but with a complete division of the base and mattress.  Each half is adjustable and you can just pull a lever and elevate the top part into a bed rest type of arrangement.  Each half can be adjusted independently so that one partner can be reading propped up and the other sleeping flat.  Or of course both sides flat and taking exercise or whatever.

With only one double mattress on a bed  the movement of one partner is bound to be felt by the other.  With our bed arrangement I can toss and turn as much as I like and Babs isn’t disturbed at all.

Downside is that the bed is more or less built in and there is no chance of moving it if we should ever move.  It is also quite wide so large duvets are essential. 

Talking of which – what solution is there for duvet hogging?



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