The Emotional Roller Coaster Of Watching Arsenal

What an evening – all agree that the quarter final of the UEFA Cup match between Arsenal and Liverpool was a humdinger.  There is an added level of interest in our family as we all support different teams.  And so it was that I sat watching the match with my son supporting Liverpool and me Arsenal.

The first leg held at Arsenals ground was a 1-1 draw and the second leg last night in Liverpool in front of their intimidating fanatical supporters.

The match had everything fantastic play at breathtaking speed, brilliant individual skills, end to end action, the lead changing hands, drama and a biased ref.  Well ok my side lost and I am bound to seek solace.  I was emotionally drained at the end.  Arsenal were actually ahead and going through with only 7 minutes to play – so what went wrong. 

Well it was the ref of course – he gave a very questionable penalty to Liverpool for the softest of tussles with Babel of Liverpool who fell to the ground as if he had been knocked down by a steam roller (that’s my version)  My son would tell you – a justifiable decision given the appalling foul on Babel when he was just about to score.

The conversation (tiff/argument) from the first leg was that Arsenal were denied a penalty for a much worse demeanor inside the box and no penalty awarded.  Pah says Tom my son – different ref just sees things a different way.  What sort of argument is that?

It is really quite funny really how the emotions in the room ebb and flow – when Arsenal are up my excitement is right up there also – but as the opponents goal goes in my groan is lost in the excited roar of delight from my son.

It is clear that we can’t both be happy with the result of matches between our teams and you know who gets the blame from one side or the other – yes – the ref.  Who would be one?






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