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  • Match Day Nerves Or Are They Something Worse!

    Being a long standing Arsenal supporter I tend to get a bit twitchy come match days but hey so do thousands of other football fans, so what’s to worry about, certainly not a crisis you would think. But could those nerves be just the tip of an iceberg when it comes to what is really […]

  • Ian Wright Leaves BBC – What A Good Fing

    Here’s a domestic UK Football / Media story.  Ex Arsenal/England player Ian Wright who retired from football in 2001 has been working as a pundit for England matches for the BBC.  He’s gone – was he pushed (I hope) or did he jump Here’s a summary of the story of them parting ways from the […]

  • The Emotional Roller Coaster Of Watching Arsenal

    What an evening – all agree that the quarter final of the UEFA Cup match between Arsenal and Liverpool was a humdinger.  There is an added level of interest in our family as we all support different teams.  And so it was that I sat watching the match with my son supporting Liverpool and me […]