Ian Wright Leaves BBC – What A Good Fing

Here’s a domestic UK Football / Media story.  Ex Arsenal/England player Ian Wright who retired from football in 2001 has been working as a pundit for England matches for the BBC.  He’s gone – was he pushed (I hope) or did he jump

Here’s a summary of the story of them parting ways from the Press Association: 

Ian Wright has quit the BBC’s coverage of England games
because he no longer wants to be the “court jester”. 

Wright – who obviously wants to be taken more seriously in his
role as presenter of Sky’s Gladiators – has hit out at the “formal”
coverage of England games favoured by the BBC.

“Times are changing. I don’t know how long young people are
going to want to sit down and watch that same old ‘jacket, shirt and
tie’ format,” said Wright.

“Fans want people who are dressed like them.

“They’ve got no one to relate to on TV and that’s why I’ve said to them I don’t want to do the England games any more.

“I feel like I’m just there as a comedy jester to break the ice
with Alan Shearer and Alan Hansen who just do run-of-the-mill things. I
can’t do that anymore. People want something different.”

His arrogance takes the biscuit and to think that this ex plasterer knows better than the BBC managers and editors what their audience wants shows what a buffoon the man is.

He wishes he was the comedy jester, he just came across as bitter and confrontational over the past couple of years.

He behaves like an idiot on every programme
he’s on and then complains that no one takes him seriously! I mean this
is the guy who couldn’t even be bothered to learn the players names
when Greece got to the Eurpoean cup final! He was constantly refering
to “the guy on the left” and “the two up front” etc. I mean for £50,000
of our money he couldn’t be bothered to do the basics!

And as for dressing like the average fan – what!! This from the same man who wore a kimono in the studio for one football match.

I think it would be classist and overly
generalised to claim that the average football enthusiast is a
vest-wearing, kappa-hatted bling accessorisor who abhors the
intellectual analysis of sporting events.

riddance. His inability to elucidate any meaningful analysis showed him
up regularly.

De fing about it is, he will not be missed, dya know what
I mean?

Farewell, Whitey, I fink we`ll get along alwight wivout you.





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