This one made me smile – after I had got over my anger.

A news report in the Lancashire Evening Post got Adam Eason and Ellie Blunt going in their respective blogs with some justification.  As a regular reader of LEP (not) I went to see what the fuss was about. 

I was fairly incensed too – and wasn’t prepared to leave it there – so I registered in order to make a comment.  (It does put you off commenting sometimes all this faffing around with registering but of course I can understand it.)

Anyway wrote my comment trying to keep my anger in check – and pressed the review button – only to find that my comment would be rejected in its current form because I had used an unacceptable word ‘pervert’  Now just a minute…

So I modified my comment and it is now there for all to see (well hopefully – if they haven’t pulled is as unacceptable)

What was funny about that is the opening paragraph of the news piece I was commenting on –
“A pervert used a hypnotising game to sexually assault two young girls, a court heard.

Oh – the unacceptable word ‘pervert’ is ok for the paper to use in its reporting then – strange that you can’t quote them in your comment on the piece.

Actually I have just thought of something – there is a great thread going on in the forum of Adam Eason’s Inner Circle all about the use of rude words.  I am going to use the rudest word I can think of when commenting on that thread

– wait for it


Bit naughty to tar them all with the same brush – but it is up the better journalists to defend the standards of journalism which seems to be spiraling ever downwards. 

Try this one out.  Put into order of who in very general terms you respect most down to least from this list

MP, Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Journalist, Footballer, Prostitute, Judge, Policeman, Estate Agent, Solicitor, Nurse, Plumber, Doctor

Personally I know which I would put at the bottom and begins with J – you choose – close isn’t it.