Hypnosis Helped Me Through My Hairy Ride

Working alongside Adam Eason I do get to try out as many of his hypnosis products as I like.  In fact I listen to some that I don’t need as I feel it is imperative if you are to market something to know intimately what you are selling.  (I can’t ever believe I will need bigger breasts – but I have taken a listen)

This time though it is different – this is more a testimonial –  I am able to promote yet another of his range of products with a passion as I used it at a time of real need myself. 

I am talking about ‘Pain Release’ – I can tell you now that providing you have learned the basic skills which Adam supplies with all his products of getting yourself into a good deep trance the individual products work so well.

My chance came to try out ‘Pain Release’ for real because I have had a rough week – the ‘hairy ride’ as I call it. 

Last Tuesday I developed a fever with headache – not that unusual at that stage and treated it symptomatically.  Very sleepy and missed most of that day. 

On Wednesday – less feverish but still very lethargic – noticed a pain in my right knee. 

By Thursday a red rash had appeared down my leg but actually feeling much better in myself.  Even well enough to pop outside where my daughter took these pictures of my calf at that time. 

Leg swollen but not particularly painful.  The suspicion at the time was that I must have been bitten by something.  This however was only the beginning – worse was to follow.

Friday was probably my big mistake as I was getting way behind with my work and as I was feeling a lot better I just got on with things and did some running about into town.

Friday evening – whoops – leg enormous with tracking inflammation up into my groin (you are spared the pictures at this stage – you’ll be pleased to know)

By morning much of the swelling had gone but what had been a rash had turned into a very angry band of red searing agony especially when I first stood up. 

Go for it – Try it for real – out came Pain Release MP3 – into trance – dah daahh! 

I can’t say that the pain disappeared but when I stood up what had
actually previously almost brought me to tears – it was now just a dull

One session and the effect was immediate. Admittedly I am well experienced in getting into a deep trance easily – but it is only because I have learned how to.  Anyone can do it.

What is this mind thing – how powerful is the central control within us all – as long as we learn to use it – amazing

Now the nurse in me comes in with this HEALTH WARNING

Pain is there for a reason and is telling you that something is wrong.  If you have no idea what the pain is do seek medical advice first and discover the cause.  Once you are in the position where you need analgesia though – learn to use self-hypnosis to control the pain.  So much better and indeed quicker than tablets.  AND No harmful side effects. 

I am just blown away.

I have been using self-hypnosis increasingly since first working with Adam about four years ago.  What is astounding is the huge variety of ways self-hypnosis can be used effectively.  I can understand Adam’s desire and passion to help as many people as he can to ‘GET IT’ 

Understand the power of your own mind it is the very best friend you can have but it needs training.

Thank you Adam – I have learned it all from your products and that’s cool

To get you up to date on my progress – I did need intravenous antibiotics for a severe cellulitis still presumed to be from some bite and all is gradually returning to normal. I should finish the intravenous stage by Wednesday at the latest.  I am counting my blessings as we are due to fly out as a family to Corfu next Sunday so the timing from that point of view is ok.

Now – where’s my ‘Fear Of Flying’ hypnosis MP3 – (I’m only joking!)


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