There really are some crass journalists knocking around on provincial papers and college rags – and I personally  feel that they are dangerous.  Strong words but these writers get a platform to peddle under-researched twaddle and release it as fact.  I blame the editor almost as much for allowing such one-sided garbage to reach their pages.

The same criticism is often leveled at the Internet but I read much better blogs everyday than the pathetic article I chanced upon this morning.   The article was entitled “Can hypnosis help you lose weight or quit smoking? Don’t bet on it” by Walter Lesczynski. 

So what evidence was this based on?  How well researched was this piece to be able to write such a damning headline?  Well one academic with his own agenda floating his personal opinion and a couple of people who are supposed to have had failed hypnosis.

I could  take Walter Lesczynski to masses of research and thousands of people like myself who have been helped by this powerful therapy.   It works – it just bloody well works – as long as the person having the therapy really desires the change themselves.

You only have to look through the website of Adam Eason to get some feel via the testimonials about how effective good hypnotherapy can be.

Hypnosis will not work for instance on a smoker who doesn’t actually really want to stop.  As long as the person involved wants the change then hypnosis will make that change easy and effective permanently.

That last paragraph is the really important statement that journalists like Walter Lesczynski totally fail to get.

I tell you what – if this Walter Lescynski was to hand in such a dreadful essay at school he would fail miserably for lack of preparation and balance.  It must have taken him all of five minutes on telephone calls to reach such stupid unsubstantiated conclusions and yet it is there for thousands of people to see.  

I went to my doctor recently and was prescribed some tablets for my hypertension.  They didn’t work and in fact made me pretty ill.  I had to return to be tried on something else.  What if a reporter had asked me questions about my doctors treatment and I had said that he failed to cure my hypertension and the journalist went away and wrote an article entitled “Can your doctor help your illness? Don’t count on it”, what would you think.

That is just about how dumb this reporter is.    AAAAAGGGHHHH – NASH TEETH

I’m off to write an article entitled:
“Can Walter Lesczynski write anything credible? – don’t count on it”