Enthusiasm For The Positivity Blog by Henrik Edberg

Came across this great blog by a Swedish student Henrik Edberg. The Positivity Blog.

This post about Enthusiasm struck a cord with me and I can support what is said in the article with a story of my own.

I am often described as enthusiastic and passionate about what I do. A great compliment and I accept that with gratitude. It has certainly worked in my favour.

Twice in my career in nursing I went for promotional jobs knowing that I was up against tough competition. In both of the situations I was less qualified and not as experienced. To my absolute surprise I got both of the jobs and I sensed some pretty hostile and surprised reactions from the defeated applicants.

In both cases later on I learned from my bosses that I came over at interview with such passion and enthusiasm that they knew the job would be done 100 percent. I just wanted the job more than the others and had been prepared to make sure I gave it my best shot.

I had put everything into those interviews and had gone the extra mile to do my homework about who was interviewing me and their pet likes and dislikes. I had found out what I could about all the staff I was likely to work with. I could be confident in the interview because I just knew my stuff.

It is amazing how infectious enthusiasm is – so look out for the enthusiastic guy or gal out there who can be your mentor. Stick close by them and you can’t go wrong as it is contagious.


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