Conversational Hypnosis – All Roads Lead To Igor

You can find out anything on the Internet – that is the popular belief – but can you?   Well not easily sometimes.  Take the topic of ‘Conversational Hypnosis’ for example.

I market the hypnosis website of Adam Eason and because of this my interest in finding out more about this fascinating subject has heightened.  I was amazed initially at the enormity of the subject and different focuses of interest that exist.  Stage hypnosis, self-hypnosis, covert and conversational hypnosis, subliminal imagery to name but a few.

Yesterday I set out to find out more about conversational hypnosis and fired the laptop into action, sat down with a cup of green tea (an ‘in joke’ for those that know me) to spend an hour finding out about ‘conversational hypnosis’.  Easy – No problem. 

Four hours later I emerged with very little.

The problem is that one guy, Igor Ledochowski has cornered the market with a product about the subject – take it or leave it. 

Now please don’t get me wrong I know that this guy is good – hey Adam has interviewed him and the recording is on Adam’s website.  Also we have been promoting the product on Adam’s website as we know this is a great piece of work – BUT here is the rub:

Is this the definitive work? – is it the only take on conversational hypnosis?  Of course not and that is my point. 

What bothers me most is the shallowness of the articles I found.  Take a leading directory such as Ezine Articles – what do you get?  Well on the face of it a lot.  Promising, enticing titles such as:

Conversational Hypnosis – increase your sales
Two strategies of Conversational Hypnosis

I quickly learned that these articles basically were short and went along the lines of

– Conversational hypnosis is fascinating and is used in advertising and marketing, by politicians and salesmen and has significant impact on our lives.  It is a complex subject which you really need to study because it is important to your lives – and here is a fantastic course on the subject – dah dah daaaahh  and a link that goes to Igor Ledochowski’s ‘Conversational Hypnosis’

I like directories such as Ezine Articles as there is a vast amount of good material to be found BUT there are increasingly short, bland, nothingness, articles that are really becoming the initial hook (a pre-sell of a pre-sell if you like) with a link off to for example a Squidoo lens on the topic which then finally goes to the Affiliate link to the product that the writer was angling for in the first place.

This is brought about by the article directories insisting that you do not have affiliate links in the author notes at the bottom.  If Ezine Articles just concentrated on the content and educational or entertainment value of the article and didn’t worry themselves about the link at the bottom then the bar would be raised.  Readers would be able to see the article and its true intent in the first place.  Let the readers be the judge of whether the links are worthwhile.

Ezine articles could simply then refuse posts that were not of good enough value from a content point of view.  (I am in danger of not getting this one posted on Ezine Articles – oh well)

From the bland article then you land on the writers own website page with a link to a brilliant (and I mean it) sales page for the ‘Conversational Hypnosis’  product with an endorsement at the top by Joe Vitale. 

I say well done (and also mean it) to Igor – a great product – great marketing and deserved success – BUT the problem is this.

It was clear from reading several articles that most of the writers knew little if anything about conversational hypnosis,  but worse I suspect that they had not seen or used the course themselves. 

The problem for me, with my research hat on, was that I couldn’t easily get away from this affiliate led pre-selling material and get to some profound insights into the topic.  I wouldn’t mind so much if some of the articles were proper reviews of Igor’s product but it was abundantly clear in most cases that the writer had never accessed the product personally.

I believe this to be the fundamental mistake that affiliates make.  How can you pre-sell a product or service that you have never tried yourself – the insincerity shows through right away. 

I would like to flag up the one exception I found – where the review of Igor’s product is very detailed.

Now I have singled out the topic of Conversational Hypnosis here but I know that this is repeated time and time again for other topics across the internet.  The majority of articles written in the popular directories are there to lure you off to whatever product the writer wants you to see.   I know because we do it ourselves – it is part of the game.  What is disappointing though is the poor level of writing in many cases because the writer just doesn’t know his stuff.

I guess I am complaining about the poor quality of what you find via Search Engines and directories.

There is a ray of hope though – social networks.

I began to get some better results when I tackled the Social Bookmarking sites and the likes of Stumble Upon – but that is for another day.

What I am determined to do though – is to find some useful websites and research material on the different aspects of hypnosis and post the lists here on my blog.  I am sure it is out there but is a struggle to find.

I haven’t even bothered to put in a link to ‘Conversational Hypnosis’ by Igor Ledochowski as all you have to do is go to Google and put in the term and I can assure you that 90 percent of the links on the home page will lead you there – if not directly – via a squeeze page.

Meanwhile if you have any great sources for ‘Conversational Hypnosis’ let me know.


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