Quality Of Your Voice – Passport To Success On Your Website Or Blog

For a few years now internet marketers have been able to not care too much about their own personal appearance or the sound of their voice.  As long as there was one presentable photo (often taken years ago 🙂 ) the words on the site were all that mattered.

Things have changed in the last few months though and the increasing need to use audio and video on websites mean that internet marketers have to consider their visual and oral appeal if they are going to use these powerful tools.

I went to a website of a guy (I won’t name him for fairly obvious reasons) who I have learned so much from over the years.  For the first time I heard his voice.  I just couldn’t believe what I was listening to – his accent was aweful and delivery was dull, flat and totally uninspiring.  If I had not known better I would have left the site in a flash.   (more…)

Conversational Hypnosis – All Roads Lead To Igor

You can find out anything on the Internet – that is the popular belief – but can you?   Well not easily sometimes.  Take the topic of ‘Conversational Hypnosis’ for example.

I market the hypnosis website of Adam Eason and because of this my interest in finding out more about this fascinating subject has heightened.  I was amazed initially at the enormity of the subject and different focuses of interest that exist.  Stage hypnosis, self-hypnosis, covert and conversational hypnosis, subliminal imagery to name but a few.

Yesterday I set out to find out more about conversational hypnosis and fired the laptop into action, sat down with a cup of green tea (an ‘in joke’ for those that know me) to spend an hour finding out about ‘conversational hypnosis’.  Easy – No problem.  (more…)