Angelina Jolie and Mariah Carey Suffer From Low Self-Esteem….

Spotted two stories in the last week about celebrities suffering from low self-esteem.  Hard to believe that Angelina Jolie, married to Brad Pitt and in a recent on-line poll voted the sexiest person ever would admit to having low self-esteem.  Mariah Carey also came  out with a ditto statement a few days ago.

Given all the adulation and fame what is it about the inner mind of these stars that makes them less than comfortable in their own skin.

Logically you would assume that if Angelina and Mariah have a low self opinion of themselves what hope the rest of us.  And yet – I know many ordinary Joes and Janes who are completely at ease with their imperfections and have extraordinary self confidence. 

I have just  done a quick internet search for any celebrity men admitting to a self esteem issue.  I am sure that there are some – but all I found were more females.  Not a very scientific research you understand but it at least supported my gut feel – so that will do for now.   You can always challenge me.

I suspect that it is the constant pressure and emphasis on body perfection that is the problem for women starlets.  On the other hand craggy, ugly men can line up beside their handsome counterparts and still be adored by millions of women. Look no further than the Stones Bill Wyman and Mick Jagger for proof of this.

Hmm!  Think I will do some more research about all this before commenting further.  In particular it would be great to know what it is in the past lives of Angelina and Mariah that has contributed to their low esteem mindset.






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