Do You Think Of Self-Esteem As A Game Or A Sport?

Our self-esteem can be affected by the way we look at and treat our lives, either as a game to be enjoyed or as a sport to be won.  The way we play life is a mirror in which the reflection is either a happy and contented one or one of determination to win at all cost, within or outside of the rulebook.

Remember those early days in the school playground, playing games that were just simply fun to play?  Games with no set rules and no winners or losers, the games anyone could play because being good or bad did not make the slightest difference.  Oh happy days!

Then as we grew older the games began to have rules,


Bring Some Self-Compassion Into Your Self-Development

It seems natural to us to be compassionate towards others, but why is it we often lose that ability when dealing with ourselves.  Perhaps this is an area that should be dealt with in our search for self-development.

I am fascinated about self-development in all of its shapes and forms and have tried and used many systems in my own development.  Let’s admit it we all need a confidence or self-esteem boost every now and again especially in today’s fast paced, must succeed lifestyle.  But a little word of warning if you considering a little self-development of your own for the first time.


Are You Hypnotising Yourself And Your Family Deeper Into Debt And Depression?

You may be prolonging the agony of the recession without even realising it by the way you communicate with yourself and family.  You may be hypnotising your family into deeper financial and mental depression with no way of stopping the downward spiral.

Despite what the politicians may tell us about the recession being over, for many people it is still a stark reality affecting every aspect of their everyday lives.  The problem can be made worse by the way we react to our individual situations, the way we think, talk and act towards ourselves, family, friends and even potential employees.

Now I appreciate that when you are unemployed and suffering all the hardships that it can bring that it isn’t easy to go around whistling a happy tune all day, but that is exactly what you need to be trying to do.  Consider the alternative, the alternative that you have probably chosen if you are in that unfortunate to be in that position.

Do you allow your frustration to show through, getting angry when family members ask for something you cannot afford?  Are you continually criticising others about what they spend their money on?  Do you show resentment towards those who are better off than yourself?  If you are doing any or all of these things then you are definitely hypnotising yourself deeper into unhappiness and the prospect of a family breakup.

Continually acting like this is programming your mind for more trouble and the only way to stop that happening is to stop hypnotising yourself with frustration and anger and start hypnotising yourself with positivity and calm.  Not easy I know, but even the smallest change into a more positive mindset will make a difference and you will amaze yourself at how quickly and easily you can progress.

By regaining some of your confidence and self-esteem, you will feel better within yourself, better to handle your situation and possibly even more important you will appear to be a better person to others, especially to that all important potential employer. So if you are going through the traumas of the recession my advice to stop hypnotising yourself deeper into it and try to take better care of yourself, such as getting exercise and more sleep, practicing yoga, meditation or my top tip of positive self-hypnosis.

Author: Guest Writer – Steve Tallamy who recommends “High Self-Esteem In 21 Days” by Adam Eason

Angelina Jolie and Mariah Carey Suffer From Low Self-Esteem….

Spotted two stories in the last week about celebrities suffering from low self-esteem.  Hard to believe that Angelina Jolie, married to Brad Pitt and in a recent on-line poll voted the sexiest person ever would admit to having low self-esteem.  Mariah Carey also came  out with a ditto statement a few days ago.

Given all the adulation and fame what is it about the inner mind of these stars that makes them less than comfortable in their own skin.

Logically you would assume that if Angelina and Mariah have a low self opinion of themselves what hope the rest of us.  And yet – I know many ordinary Joes and Janes who are completely at ease with their imperfections and have extraordinary self confidence.  (more…)