Do You Think Of Self-Esteem As A Game Or A Sport?

Our self-esteem can be affected by the way we look at and treat our lives, either as a game to be enjoyed or as a sport to be won.  The way we play life is a mirror in which the reflection is either a happy and contented one or one of determination to win at all cost, within or outside of the rulebook.

Remember those early days in the school playground, playing games that were just simply fun to play?  Games with no set rules and no winners or losers, the games anyone could play because being good or bad did not make the slightest difference.  Oh happy days!

Then as we grew older the games began to have rules,

they turned into sports and winning became important, our egos started to develop and being good mattered.  Self-esteem began to affect us, if we were good at a sport then our self-esteem rose and if we weren’t too good at it either our self-esteem took a nose dive or we lost interest and couldn’t give a damn about being good or bad.

Next up is the adolescent stage of our lives and the sport we call life turns into a competition of local league proportion.  Competition is everywhere, school exams, getting into the school or college our parents want us to go to, girlfriends, boyfriends, the list is endless.  Our self-esteem is like a yo-yo, bouncing up and down according to emotions.

As we turn into adults the competition gets tougher, not only are we competing against those in our own back yard, competitors show up from all over the country and in today’s global workplace, from around the world.  We are now competing in the Olympics of life, no more games, winners only will be remembered.  Only those with high self-esteem need apply to compete!

But let’s step back a bit, relax, kick of the training shoes and put our feet up for a moment.  Remember the people who lost interest, not the ones whose self-esteem nose dived, the ones who couldn’t give a damn about being good or bad?  These are the ones that in my opinion turn out to be the true winners; these are the ones that recognise that they cannot be great, or even good at everything.  These are the ones that find the things in life that make them happy and contented and become good at them.  These are the guys who know and understand themselves and have an abundance of self-esteem.

Never underestimate the outsider, the one who plays the game for fun and comes up on the outside rail to pip you at the winning post.  Take a leaf out of their book, treat life more like a game than a sport and you will give your self-esteem a boost, feel happier, contented and a winner in the eyes of your family and friends.

Author: Guest Writer – Steve Tallamy who recommends “High Self-Esteem In 21 Days” by Adam Eason






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