Addiction Can Be Healthy And Keep You Fit

I haven’t mentioned it for some time now – so here really as some assurance to you all I am still using my stepper for 40 minutes most days (3000 steps).  I know you were concerned that I had lapsed back to my sedentary ways.

No – in fact I am just about to wear out my second exercise machine.  The kit is just not man enough – can’t you just feel the smirk –  I am going to have to source a more robust machine.

What I hadn’t realised was the addictive nature of all this.  Yes me – addicted on a fitness regime – unbelievable. 

Here is a very similar story –

The only disappointment to date is the selective nature of the parts of my body that are getting into shape.  Guess what is fairly persistent – yes my gut.   Well it won’t be a problem continuing I know as addictions are hard to break as any smoker will tell you.

I still see myself with that body I will not be ashamed to uncover on my holiday in July – so you know what – it will happen.



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