Will Olympic Fitness Splurge Be Maintained?

Here in the UK we are experiencing a January type fitness splurge because of our unexpected success at the Olympics.  At a time when most retailers are reporting a downturn in trade, sales of sports equipment has doubled. Bike sales have gone up by 130 percent and swimsuits and goggles by 135 percent.

Unfortunately we Brits are keener on the equipment than the hard work that should go with it.  See my article written some time back about this phenomenon –  “Spare A Thought For Redundant Exercise Machines“.

But will this Olympic glory have a new and lasting effect on the nations attitude to fitness?  Previous examples are not encouraging…


Addiction Can Be Healthy And Keep You Fit

I haven’t mentioned it for some time now – so here really as some assurance to you all I am still using my stepper for 40 minutes most days (3000 steps).  I know you were concerned that I had lapsed back to my sedentary ways.

No – in fact I am just about to wear out my second exercise machine.  The kit is just not man enough – can’t you just feel the smirk –  I am going to have to source a more robust machine.

What I hadn’t realised was the addictive nature of all this.  Yes me – addicted on a fitness regime – unbelievable.  (more…)