What Hypnosis and Swimming Have In Common

Because of my development work and marketing of Adam Eason’s website I spend a lot of time looking around websites and blogs about hypnosis and there is one thing I find in common on most of them. They all attempt to inform those who are sceptical or just don’t understand hypnosis just what hypnosis is all about.

The thing is that you need to get in there and try it for yourself before you will appreciate what it can do and just how it works on for you.

I personally only discovered the power of hypnosis in the last five years. What a lot of wasted years not knowing about this powerful way to overcome things like my fear of speaking in public.

But you need to consciously learn to take yourself into a deep hypnotic state to be truly effective and that is a skill that needs learning to get the most effective results. To do that you need to practice the skill which can only be done by doing it.

You just couldn’t learn to swim without getting in the water – read all the theory books about the strokes that you like – mimic them in front of the mirror to perfection – but you won’t be a swimmer until you do the real thing.

Same with learning to ride a bike. That balance just wouldn’t ever be learned without getting on the bike and doing it.

Learning to take yourself in deep self-hypnosis is the same EXCEPT that you have already been in a hypnotic trance many times already so there isn’t so much to learn.

If you don’t believe you have been in a hypnotic state before maybe take a look at others who are undeniably in trance. For example – just try calling a kid for a meal if he is in the middle of watching Star Wars. You might just as well be calling to someone in outer space – because that is where he is.

And you know what that happens to you also more often than you suspect.

Learning to take yourself into deep self-hypnosis is just taking that trance like state even further so that the messages you are trying to take on board are transmitted directly to that all important sub-conscious mind.

I really suggest that if you want to find out more about yourself and your mind you can do so absolutely free by taking yourself to Adam’s website and:

  1. Listen to Adam’s ‘Introduction To Hypnosis
  2. Download Freebies (sign up in top right hand corner) a free MP3 hypnosis session for relaxation and ‘The Happy Brain Manual’
  3. Read Adam Up Ezine on the website or his weekly Podcast to learn more about hypnosis and other techniques for using the power of your mind in a positive and helpful way.

Now that is a lot of free help to acquire the skills that you need to use the power of self-hypnosis to bring changes that you want in your life.

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