Nepotism – 16 Year Old Lad With Great Eye For Image

There have been plenty of press this week about Brooklyn Beckham (BB – that was Brigitte Bardot’s famous initials in my youth).  He is sixteen years old and has been hired by Burberry as photographer of their latest fragrance range.  Sixteen – he should be the tea boy on the staff.

Some pretty top class photographers are getting ‘snappy’ about all of this.  Chris Floyd was ranting in the Guardian about the crassness of it all and initmating that it is very demeaning to professionally trained photographs.

The reason for the move by Burberry was simply financial as the parents of BB are David Beckham and Posh.  David had in an interview about a month ago had intimated that his son was interested in photography.  The point is it was about fashion, and the shark like opportunism of the advertising world.

What was interesting was the word Nepotism that crept into newspaper headlines, twits and other social media sites.

A strange word is nepotism.  The term comes from Italian word nepotismo which is based on Latin root nepos, meaning nephew or grandson

Some Catholic popes and bishops, who had taken vows of chastity and therefore usually had no legitimate offspring of their own, gave their nephews such positions of preference.  In the Borgia family in order to continue a papal dynasty Pope Calistus III made two of his nephews cardinals.

Now here is an opportunity for a Pope to get a bit of kudos.  What next for BB – even bigger things maybe by the time he is 18.








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