By proxy I feel I know Kevin Hogan.  I have never met him or spoken to him – but my business partner Adam Eason speaks with great affection about him.  Kevin, an American  international motivational speaker was over here in London this last weekend.  Today I received his regular Coffee Time Newsletter and here is an extract which describes his experience at the Sheraton Belgravia.

…. Ah, and the Sheraton…I’ve done biz w/ Starwood for a decade…and it was almost a relationship breaker. They changed their room price on me part way through my stay, to the tune of 250 per *night.*  I explained that was not cool and they did not budge.

However, upon returning home, when I called Starwood, they INSTANTLY fixed everything. So I’ll never stay at the Sheraton Belgravia again, but Starwood really recaptured my loyalty.

What you’ll find about London is a great study in paradox. Incredibly diverse at every level. Terrible service.., efficient public transportation, brilliant minds, worst value for goods and services and accomodations in the Western Hemisphere. (even before the mysterious price increases.) Some of the most fascinating points of historical interest. Some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet”

We are a cuddly friendly lot over here in the UK for sure and thanks for that Kevin – so why do we totally lose it with our business service levels?  Just think about it – changing the price tag like that and by that much when the client is already staying in the place.  How much more crass and dumb can you get than that.

So yah boo sucks –  Sheraton Belgravia Hotel – take note – this is how poor service levels get passed around and bad reputations built- by proxy of course – because I don’t know you first hand and I guess I never will now.

I will twitter about this now – adding countless other proxy bad reputation votes for the Sheraton Belgravia.

By the way Kevin – a mate of mine is starting a website shortly called “A Bloody Good Moan” which will be just the place to shout about this sort of nonsense and give the businesses in this country a good kick up the backside.  Long overdue.