Gunners Or Goners?

Anyone that knows me personally will be aware that I am a Gunners fan (an Arsenal supporter aka Gooner for those of you uninitiated in the finer points of football) and their 8 – 2 defeat by Manchester United was the lowest point of my weekend.  Of course I received the usual reminders from friends, even my daughter who is visiting Barcelona for four days texted to say that she was in the Nou Camp stadium watching them play, and just happened to mention that the former Arsenal star Cesc Fabregas had just scored for his new team. Talk about rubbing salt into the wound!

So how do you get over something like that?  Having a positive approach to life is the best way I know and whistling or singing the Monty Python song ‘always look on the bright side of life,’ from the ‘Life of Brian,’ is always a good starting point.  Life changes and we change, so there is no reason at all why Arsenals fortunes cannot change too.  As with any other change simply talking about it wont make it happen, action needs to be taken to get the ball rolling towards your goal, “pardon the pun!”

Throughout my life I have maintained a positive mindset, how else can anyone hope to be successful if they stumble at every hurdle put in their way.  Fortunately I also have a team of positive people around me, both at work and at home and together we can overcome set backs with smiles on our faces. Pulling together positively from the top to the bottom, from boardroom to boot boys, from manager to tea ladies and from players to supporters, positive team work will see my team through.

So what is the good side of that defeat?  Well it would appear from the activity on #AFC Twitter today that Arsene Wenger has been stung into purchasing action at last – something us Gooners have been urging for some time.  A 6′ 6″ experienced German defender may well help prevent 8 going past  them in the future.  I am hoping there will be a few more signings by this time tomorrow.

So the message I send out to my friends is this ….

Watch out, Arsenal will be back – they’re gunning for you with a Vengeance!






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