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3 Things At Once – Exercise, Video and Blog Writing

Blog Writing On The Go – Yes Me Multi-tasking

Yep I thought – Babs (my better half) will be surprised! Babs is a six tasks at a time type of gal!

However I thought – This will impress.

This morning I am going to exercise, make a video and write a draft of this blog IN TEXT FORMAT – ALL at the same time.

All before breakfast!

Every weekday at 6am I take an an exercise walk and listen to a podcast on the way.

In the last two weeks I have been going through several months worth of podcasts from Social Media Marketing with host Michael Stelzer

In each podcast there is a review of an app and earlier this week they were talking about an app called Otter.

Blog Writing – What The App Otter Does:

Otter App

Otter is for recording your voice and getting a transcription done right away to turn it into text

Ah ha – mind cogs were whirling.

I could get a blog written in draft format while I am taking my morning exercise.

It is some time since I got a blog written – why is it so low on the list – it matters.  Yes this approach will help.

But There Is Something Else – Video

I am building a list of potential affiliates for my retirement project of selling hypnosis products and my aim at the moment is to build that mailing list. My online marketing friends keep on giving me loads of advice about using video to help build my list. Most of those guys make it look so easy and walk along chatting away with phones on selfie sticks as if it is quite natural.

So this morning – that was the aim. NO messing about – just record a video and write the draft of a blog during my early morning walk.


Blog Writing On The Go – How Did it Go?

  • Well not a going proposition at this time of the year. Only just light enough at 6am. Never mind – it is just a test. Facebook Live next at any time and anywhere.
  • Surprisingly relaxed (nobody around of course which helped – not even the dog walkers)
  • I never gave what I said on the video a thought really – which was odd. Just got on with it.
  • I was breathing heavily and a bit sweaty as I had just been walking quite fast – good job that we don’t record smells.
  • I had a square screen for filming the video which was a mistake I believe for a video out on location. It would have been better to show more of the venue.
  • I had got a little app running on my phone which tells me how far I’ve walked and at what speed etc. It started to give me a message in the middle of recording and I thought it would come out on the video. It didn’t – but it did distract me. Turn off all apps.
  • Otter was really great and without learning my voice patterns the transcription was very good. There are limits of course – Michael Selzner was  ‘Michael Cells are’

When I got back home I very casually announced that I had been for my usual walk BUT had made a video and written a blog at the same time.

Babs wasn’t really impressed!  I will have to add another couple of tasks to win that one.





7 responses to “3 Things At Once – Exercise, Video and Blog Writing”

  1. Lorraine Avatar

    that was lovely! bravo! you are amazingly productive, i’m very much impressed. Great idea to listen to podcasts while you walk…my daughter does that too. and no, we don’t hear your walking program telling you how far you’ve gone… 🙂

  2. Bianca Avatar

    Great post! I have always wanted an app that could do voice transcribing. Thank you for sharing about the Otter app. I’m downloading it now!

  3. Watson K Avatar
    Watson K

    Thanks Bianca and Lorraine. Nothing better than getting comments. I will be looking out for your blogs. I am determined to do the 31 day challenge – flunked it last time!!!

  4. Pamela Schmidlin Avatar

    OK, love your on the go video….Nice to literally meet you in your blog….Multi tasking WOW….your saving time…..I am having similar blogging challenges, vlogging challenges although I am doing my vlogs kinda separately…..on YouTube! And yes exercising, in fact I did today’s blog about the World’s Largest Doga Mat and why we should include our dogs in our practice, I am going on a run shortly with my dogs all before I would say 7am….maybe I’ll do a vlog during a slowdown portion of our run- as we are walking- as running and holding the camera is more difficult although I do go hands free with my leashes. I do love to run with my American Foxhounds. The breed of George Washington, sorry he is a main character in the novel I am writing (I’m on Chapter Six and writing a chapter a day- ie 6 is tomorrow!)

  5. Amy L. Bovaird Avatar

    Hi Keith,
    Wow, how determined you are!
    Enjoyed it. Interesting how you listen to podcasts and walk. Great productivity!
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Simon Lau Avatar

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  7. Watson K Avatar
    Watson K

    Happy to promote this Simon. Really great app.

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