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England Won Rugby and Cricket One Day Match and Arsenal Won

What a weekend.  I love my sport and there it all was – a weekend made for me.  England Rugby, England One Day Cricket Match AND my team Arsenal playing Bournemouth – BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT –  I missed it all.  I’ll come back to that in a minute.

I had a great weekend though videoing module 5 (Fifth Month) of Adam Eason’s Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma course.  The way that the diploma course is organised is that the students attend a monthly weekend for 10 months.  That means that students can fit the training into their working lives.  Until I was involved in this training I didn’t realise what a great model it was.  The students come back each month and really get to work well together – even skypeing and working with others on the course in between sessions.  Great friendships made and a relaxed way to learn.

My involvement with the course is to video the tuition so that we are able to make the classroom content available for anyone wanting to study on our Platinum Membership site.

I just love the contact I get with the students and tutors monthly.

However as mentioned above this weekend had a mass of sports fixtures which meant I was missing out on downing pints of beers with mates and generally being tribal.

So it made me smirk to myself as Adam started talking about ‘Parts Therapy’ therapeutic techniques.  It would take too long here to explain in any detail, but in essence there are behaviours — such as smoking — that people would like to give up but they continue because there are things they actually like about smoking. Parts therapy tries to provide alternative compensatory benefits to the part of you that is keeping the behaviour going, .  Not a great explanation but that is not why I mentioned it.

I was smirking because I was sitting there with my own interpretation of the parts therapy.  Part of me thought it was great to be at the diploma weekend because of the reasons above, BUT there was a LARGE part of me that wished I was elsewhere this particular sporting weekend.

Anyway for me there was a WIN, WIN, and WIN and recordings I know I will enjoy watching.  So there is some compensation I will enjoy the replays.






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