Bed Sharing Leads To Disturbed Sleep

For a variety of reasons I have recently found myself talking about sleep. 

Only this morning my wife Babs said as I arrived with her cup of tea in bed (aren’t you impressed?)  – greeted me with “Oh I didn’t hear the alarm go off!”

She basically doesn’t need to as I get up to do my stepper exercises (even more impressed – huh?) and follow that up with waking her with room service.

The thing is that Babs does sleep very deeply and always has done compared to me even when our children were babies.    I as a mere male am always the one that will wake if there is any disturbance of any kind.  Could it be anything as chivalrous as we macho men are genetically built to be on our guard to protect the gentler sex?

Well maybe not..

I have noticed though that when we are away from home neither of us sleep particularly well.  We always automatically take up our normal sides of the shared bed – (where is this going?) but no matter how comfortable the bed we just don’t sleep as well as at home.

Of course it might be other environmental issues – but in fact I have always suspected it is because we are sharing the same mattress.  However I do sleep in a shared bed at home so what is the difference.

Now let me explain.

One of the things that attracted us to the house we currently live in is a rather special bed.  It had to be left with the house as it basically is built in to the room.  It is a large double bed but has a divided structure with a mechanism that will allow the top of the bed to be raised as a back rest – and even the foot of the bed to be elevated if you so wanted.  The best thing of all about it is that this works for each person independently – so one person can be seated reading and the other flat and fast asleep.  Obviously this has to have two mattresses rather than the one.

So to all intents and purposes Babs and I are sleeping in separate beds but not – if you get my drift.

So it was interesting to read – Bed Sharing ‘drains men’s brains

Maybe that should be retitled – Mattress Sharing ‘drains men’s brains’ as I think I have found the ideal solution.






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