Eat your heart out Adam – I have some images of Dr Herbert L Flint, a hypnotist from as far back as the late 19th Century – and boy what a showman.

I came across some pictures today that made me smile – but you have to understand the background story first.

I was fortunate enough to attend a weekend seminar recently given by Adam Eason my hypnotherapist mate. During the two day presentation he teaches total beginners to self-hypnotise and carry out quite remarkable feats.

Here is a youtube video which shows attendees make themselves rigid like a steel bar. OK the first guy – well yes – doesn’t look too improbable – BUT the next – that was truly amazing!!

But there is amazing and AMAZING – look at this

This picture sent me looking for more information about Dr Herbert Flint and I found some even more incredible images. I couldn’t use the pictures without permission so I have linked to the page which also has some interesting information about the remarkable Dr Herbert L Flint and his trampled on wife (pun intended) Marina. If the rumours are true she met a sorry end.

Now don’t start getting bright ideas Adam about what you can do with your next set of seminar attendees – I don’t think Health and Safety would quite allow that sort of thing these days.