As I was doing my steps exercise this morning I was watching a Romantic Comedy which was excrutiatingly cheesy!    I won’t reveal the name of the film as I would not be able to look my friends in the face down the pub on Friday again.  I must admit it is not the sort of film I usually watch – I’m a man’s man – for goodness sake!

However!  Well there had to be a however – didn’t there.

There was a moment in the film that got me thinking about relationships and given that it is Valentine’s Day as I write I will pass my thought on. 

In the film the couple’s relationship was rather strained but there was a photograph album that they both sat and looked through and one thing led to another – happy ending – credits – and all is well with the world

The thing about photos – and in particular snaps taken of family and friends is that the vast majority of the clicking takes place at happy moments and memorable special events.

Whereas when you are in a soured relationship or just one where the romance is all but missing – the negative comes out in all exchanges.  Every conversation negative and every action criticised.

This type of sad relationship is just a trap and an unhappy existence which tends to have a spiral on down effect. 

What is needed is a positive effort to stop that slow downward drift.  Why not on this day of all days not attempt to break the cycle?

If your relationship is not all it should be this Valentine’s Day I challenge you to sit down tonight with your partner with a tipple and some comfort food (yes I know it is not like me to suggest that) and look through some of your photos from happier days.  The shared memories, the shared experiences, the shared romance will be staring you in the face as you work through the pictures.  Any conversation is bound to be positive in nature.

It is really hard to imagine having a negative experience given those conditions

Worth a try?

Well it bloody well worked in the movie.