Hangout With Several People In My Bedroom!

Hangout With Several People In My Bedroom!

Hangout in my bedroom.  What is that about?  Funny story..

I can only categorise this blog under life – and perhaps I should add a section called bizarre.  I just love it when things that are unexpected happen – life’s rich tapestry.

[I will make a blog post shortly about a training business in America where I am developing my marketing skills.  So no details at the moment.]

However – here is my opening gambit and meeting with David and Jen who head up the business.

I love their approach so much and the way they operate and keep their organisation rolling and growing. There is a set routine and you know where you stand week by week. Every Thursday they have a Question and Answer session with their member-insiders.  (It is annoying that their routine conflicted badly with my schedule of playing badminton in that hour – but I have sorted that now)

I was joining my first one of these Q&A sessions yesterday evening.  I had so much I wanted to observe. I had already found out that David’s team are using ‘Webinar Jam‘ and ‘Zoom‘ which are hangout/webinar software programs that I wanted to know more about.  I knew they also use ‘Infusionsoft’ software and I am wondering whether to move my list from Aweber.  I knew they were going to be talking about a dynamic quiz software etc.

So much to look forward to and just sit down and observe and learn.

So the time of the hangout/webinar or whatever you want to call it approached and it was six o’clock in the evening here in the UK.  There was bedlam down stairs with my family coming and going – so I went up to my bedroom – set my pillows up – lolled on my bed – nice and comfortable and logged in for the first time to Zoom.

All was good and I could see my little picture at the top as an attendee.  Zoom looked pretty cool – but I didn’t want to sit there (or rather loll there) in front of David and Jen the presenters and all the other insiders who I had not met before.

So I clicked on my picture and there was a small menu, and one of the options was ‘Hide’.  Good – thought I and clicked that link.  There I was safe and sound – I can do what I like and enjoy the session.

It got dark and I had to turn the light on behind me – which was probably good.   Why do I mention that?

Well – David started talking to attendees – and still I just observed and listened taking in every word from other insiders.

Then SHOCK – David said and ‘Hello Keith I have unmuted you’   Not sure of the exact words – but that was enough.  What!!!

I had been on show, doing goodness knows what, for one hour in front of all of those people.

I had a thousand and one questions – but to say I was unprepared hardly describes it.  I waffled on about goodness knows what.  I am actually dreading seeing the recording and my comments.

I have been at the internet  for ever – I put up my first website in 1994 when it was in its infancy (a story for another day)   The internet still surprises me every day.  Why don’t I ever learn.

I will put an elastoplast over my laptop camera in future when I don’t want to be seen.

To all the insiders that were there.  ‘HELLO – Keith has arrived’.

From Beginner To Therapist – Hypnosis Revealed

My introduction to the power of hypnosis and self-hypnosis goes back about six years now when I met Adam Eason a leading UK Clinical Hypnotherapist at a BNI network meeting.  As a former nurse I became fascinated by the physical changes that Adam was able to bring about in his clients just by using the power of the mind.  What an amazing in-built resource we have and yet in most people it is underused or ignored completely.

The interest was further fuelled when my company developed his website and I began to read some of his articles and testimonials.  It struck me then that a combination of his hypnosis and NLP knowledge and my own internet marketing skills we could develop quite a web presence and authority site about hypnosis.

Wehey what a ride …

But now we have a website which is jam packed with self-hypnosis material catering for those with idle curiosity about hypnosis through to those who would like to train for a career as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Let me be your guide… (more…)

Why You Should Pursue Happiness TODAY – NOW!

I was talking to a friend yesterday who is going through a lot of stress and she basically was telling me how unhappy she felt. I noticed that she kept referring to when this happens I will be… If that happens I will be…

In other words happiness would happen at some time in the future given certain conditions.

As I was talking to her I recalled that I had a book on the subject that had helped me enormously when I was going through a similar period myself. I found the book this morning hidden away at the back of a – rather dusty I have to admit – bookshelf. The book “Happiness Now! – Timeless wisdom for feeling good FAST” by Robert Holden.

I will have to get the book to her today but as I flicked through I recalled much of the wisdom contained therein.

Here I will quote directly from the book to give a flavour. (more…)

Get Motivated And Be A Green Shoot Of Recovery

With so much gloom and doom about and a collective International mindset shaped by negative media coverage of events is it any wonder that individuals lack confidence.  All this negative reporting becomes just a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It is now down to individuals to buck the trend and prosper because everyone else is falling in the same ‘I can’t do anything about it – trap.  The only people I hear these days in the media who are speaking positively are entrepreneurs.  Why? – because (more…)

Your Life In Six Words

Recently I heard on The Today Programme a BBC Radio 4 production an item where they read out how people had summarised their lives in six words.  I thought at the time how negative and down beat many of the submissions were. 

I get a regular newsletter from a guy here in Poole Chris Croft  and he agrees. Thank you Chris for the following list: