Niche Hypnosis Social Media Site – Hypgroove

The birth of a new Niche Social Media – solely for hypnosis and self-development recommendations.

Hypgroove Logo

– Name chosen for new site and was bought .
– the first draft had been built and initially tested. Thank you Gary – BUT was still all brown and horrible.
– the logo was born – Thank you Rob.
– announced to our Adam Up Ezine readers list

If you look over the last few days of this blog you will see why I use these sites rather than search engines to find relevant sites.

I sincerely hope that I can now breath some life into this site and get the self-improvement and hypnosis community using it. Without recommendations from a wide spectrum of self-improvement users – it will be nothing.

I want to build up a momentum so that the site becomes a useful resource and takes on a life of its own. If it does take off I will add a linked forum to further enrich the community feel.

Go to:

Let me know if there is anything you would like improved.



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