Lost Blog Posts Thanks To Internet Vandals

No posts since 21st October!!

Not so – all posts since then have gone – lost forever.

I went to make a post on this blog this morning only to find out the site had been suspended because of suspicious activity on the site. 

Despite making a more secure password and updating all my WordPress
plugins – those mindless people who create havoc out there by adding
phishing material on other peoples websites have struck again.  No I
take that back – they are not mindless
as they have to have a certain
level of intelligence to hack into supposedly secure sites.  Which is
even sadder – why can’t they put their knowledge to useful activities.

I fail to understand quite what these web vandals get out of their internet tunnelling except the sure knowledge that they are making life difficult for someone else. 

When the hosting company were satisfied that all bogus directories had been removed they put the site up again but with a version known to have been safe.  Ah well!!






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