Okay it’s a New Year and I have made a resolution that I will get my blog back on track with regular updates. Oh and having visited it now to write this post I see it needs an overhaul. Pathetic looking blog.

I actually like writing but have been making the lame excuse about ‘no time’ for some time now in fact. Of course that is nonsense we can all make time especially to do things we enjoy doing.

Little was I to know 24 hours ago that I would be starting a new chapter in my life / blog – in fact until yesterday I had no inkling of this new chapter and certainly what I would be writing about today.

So what happened?

Last week I had a body scan following a consultation with the urologist after a bout of haematuria (blood in the urine) and yesterday I went in to have a procedure so that they could take a closer look directly at my waterworks – let’s say. The consultant, a Mr Wedderburn and his registrar a lovely lady called Lisa came to see me to tell me that they had discovered a tumour in my kidney which was the cause of the bleeding. I deliberately mention both of their names because I am really full of praise for their empathetic and professional approach. Having worked as a nurse in hospitals for many years I know that I have got lucky, as not all consultants have such great social skills combined with their knowledge.

So why am I writing about it here? Well to be frank I don’t want to spend my time repeating the story.

This is simply a hurdle in my life, we all have them. The fact is I do not know the end of the story but I’m certainly not going to be morose or self pitying or concerned about things that haven’t happened or may never happen.

What is important for me to do is get the practical things such as operation and treatments out of the way and move on in my life.

I always observed as a nurse that the patients who had a positive mindset and determination to carry on as normal were the ones that fared best. I used to encourage patients to be positive so I should heed my own advice. There is no point in getting anxious about what hasn’t happened and worry certainly has a detrimental effect on your general health and any recovery process.

So I will mention my progress from time to time and especially if there are funny anecdotes or great characters who cross my path but basically I hope nobody who knows me will notice any difference. I love life and intend to enjoy as much travel, fun, and adventurous times with my family and friends as I can.

My only hesitation about writing this so publicly is that I haven’t told my son yet who is currently backpacking with a couple of mates in Malaysia – but at the same time I am fairly sure that he won’t read this blog.

There is one thing though at the heart of my message that I would like men especially of my age (65) to take on board. It is important that if you have any symptoms at all that you go and get them checked out, the earlier the better. Just bear this in mind, apart from the painless haematuria which only lasted for a very short time I had no other symptoms – in fact I had to ask the consultant which kidney was involved as I feel perfectly normal. That’s right I feel perfectly well.

One final thing to add that is important to me – although others will pooh, pooh it. (how do you spell that pooh – you know what I mean) I have my faith and that is always a comfort in good times and bad.

So there – if you have read this I hope you understand why I am not down about this news. I realise I will get a deeper understanding of myself and others through a new experience in my life.

PS – I will find time to blog so watch this space.