I Back This Back Pain Solution

About this time last year I was camping, and not for the first time in my life I simply bent down to pick something up and my back locked.  Now camping is not the best activity on earth to be doing if you are doubled up in pain and hardly able to move. 

With my break cut short and some pulling about by a physiotherapist I got back on my feet resolving to find a permanent answer to my back weakness and frequent acute back pain episodes.

The answer came in the shape (a perfectly fit looking shape I may add) of another physiotherapist Anne-Marie Samuel. 

She taught me three exercises that she assured me would give me permanent strengthening of the muscles necessary to prevent further problems. 

What I didn’t realise was that the abdominal muscles play an important part in preventing back problems and one of the three exercises has the added bonus of shaping the abdomen – what a bonus for a guy like me struggling with looking good on the beach.  The three exercises just take 10 minutes to do daily and have a great positive impact on your life.

I am delighted to see that Anne-Marie has now released an e-book and video on-line entitled “How To Cure Your Own Back Pain”

Prevention is better than cure but it is interesting that the same exercises can be used if you are suffering with an acute episode of back pain.  How I needed that knowledge when I was camping last year.  Ah well – better late than never.

My back now feels as strong as it has done for many a year and I can even drive a long way now without getting that stiff uncomfortable feeling on arrival.  Oh and the abs are looking a lot better also.  

Thanks Anne-Marie and I wish you well with your on-line product.

Why not get a solution rather than seek help when in trouble – I can thoroughly recommend “How To Cure Your Own Back Pain”

Want to see my holiday beach snaps – hmmm maybe not.






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