Hypnosis Works and Self-Hypnosis Works

I know hypnosis works.  I use it and it is powerful.  (Nearly said mind boggling which well… seems inappropriate)

I just wish that more people actually realised the power buried inside their minds which if trained properly can change behaviours that are holding them back in life.  

Most people having seen stage hypnotists just don’t get it and at worst hypnosis is regarded as something quirky or dark, mysterious and even evil.

I’m a Christian and you should hear some of the questions I get from – I am pleased to say – a minority of other Christians who think I am associated with something questionable. Why is something that can help so many people without drugs or surgical intervention so misunderstood.  Hypnosis like so many things in life can be misused – but in the correct hands is a tremendous assistance to health professionals.

If you want to hear direct from one of the world’s leading Clinical Hypnotherapists – Adam Eason – what exactly hypnosis is – go to his website and listen to his “Introduction to Hypnosis” which you will find about half way down the home page.

Here are a couple of videos that show hypnosis in action.


The first of these is just a demonstration of self-hypnosis. This was taken at a weekend seminar and the volunteers demonstrating in this video clip were taught how to self-hypnotise over the weekend and this is them putting that learning into practice.


I don’t know the details about this video clip but unless it is very good acting this is an example of someone being knowingly hypnotised with a specific purpose.



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