Food For Thought – Think Yourself Thin

Yes you can Think Yourself Thin – but the people that matter do not seem to know it.

A news item on the BBC Newsbeat website caught my eye today and quite literally gave me some food for thought.  It stated that according to figures they had seen that the number of under 25 year olds in England had been given weight loss surgery by the NHS quadrupled over the past 3 years, and that some were as young as 15 – Wow!!

This surgery apparently included the fitting of gastric bands, gastric bypasses and stomach stapling which if looking at the costs charged by private clinics (around £5,000 for a gastric band) must have been a blow to the NHS’s already stretched budgets. Now I’m not going to rant on about the downfall of todays society nor condemn these types of surgery out of hand, but I will get on my usual soap box and beg the question why these kids aren’t referred to clinical hypnotherapists first, leaving this type of surgery as a last resort?

As I have stated more times than I can remember, and I will keep stating it until I’m blue in the face, that controlled hypnotherapy will get to the root of the cause, in this case weight loss/over eating, educate the patient and help maintain a healthy weight consciousness for life, with no fear of side effects – at a fraction of the cost. There are hypnosis programmes out there designed to promote healthy eating and motivation to exercise, for example Think Yourself Thin

For the seriously obese this mind approach can be taken even further.  Simulated Surgery.  In fact my friend and colleague Adam Eason currently has a Hypnotic Gastric Band MP3  for less than £40. Participants in this programme simulate the whole of the Gastric Surgery procedure but in hypnosis sessions. The operation is all done in the mind as if it had really happened.  Dramatic results have been achieved and I really do hope that one day doctors involved with weight control will look at some of this non invasive approach.

Just food for thought but maybe the NHS Management teams would like to buy a few copies of it and make themselves a huge saving in time and money. 

Tackle obesity with the mind not the knife.






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