Eammon Holmes and a Penguin in Belfast

[TAG-TEC]Eammon Holmes[/TAG-TEC] is a broadcaster and writer here in the UK. This morning on his Saturday morning slot on 5 Live he was looking for people that could corroborate his sighting of a Penguin at Belfast airport yesterday evening. This just deserves a wider audience as it really made me smile.

Eammon claims that as he arrived at Belfast departures he saw a penguin in the road and furthermore that two taxis had to steer round them. Rather puzzled and perturbed he tried to find a policeman – who can never be found when you want one. He went to a reception desk where his remonstrations about this penguin were not taken very seriously.

So there he was on this programme this morning appealing for other witnesses to this remarkable sighting. His co-presenters were less than supportive and Eammon was sadly appealing to the better nature of Joe public as he clearly was anxious about the plight of a penguin wandering about the streets of Belfast.

Well the e-mails arriving at the programme, read out with some relish by his studio companions were hilarious and left Eammon sounding more and more defeated in his attempts to get anyone to take him seriously.

Typical message:

Yes I saw a penguin in Belfast last night closely followed by a giraffe on roller skates.

or how about:

I was off to a fancy dress party dressed as a penguin last night in Belfast when I saw Eammon Holmes, can someone please confirm that sighting.

So for Eammon’s peace of mind if you spot a penguin in Belfast – do turn it in – it’s several thousands of miles from home.





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