Derren Brown, Rugby And Expectations

Adam Eason in his blog today talks about the Derren Brown programme on Friday called ‘The System’  and then the teasing he got when Forest lost to Bournemouth. 

Ditto here – loved Derren Brown as usual.  I can’t understand why this guy has not made it big in the States as he is really amazing.  I took my daughter with some of her friends to see him in a live show last year and he pulled off a tremendous hoodwink of the whole audience and then showed us on video playbacks how he had done the whole thing. 

The picture is of my daughter Zoe (with the specs) and her friends with Derren Brown, who they bumped into after the show and he couldn’t have been nicer to them.

Don’t know what he did to Zoe but she hasn’t been the same since.

As for my sporting expectancy situation – mine was the International Rugby – nothing as mundane as Forest vs Bournemouth 🙂

I had been pretty vocal about how England were going to walk all over Wales.  It was some 20 years since Wales had beaten England at Twickenham and the chances were very slim with a Welsh side composed mainly of players from one club.

So egg on my face also.  I still can’t believe it now especially as England were 13 points ahead at half time.






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