The observant ones of you will have spotted a link in the right hand sidebar with a Deal of The Day.  The concept is simple and basically is what it says on the tin – they run one deal at a time and it is there for exactly 24 hours.  Come back next day and that deal has gone and replaced with a new one.  No confusion – if you want it get it now.

What intrigued me about the site though is the affiliate resources which include rss feeds for websites including the affiliate links and tracking – but even more impressive are the wordpress plugins (including of course affiliate links) so if you come back to this blog tomorrow you will find a completely different deal of the day and image on my website.  No effort on my part as the good old boys at DealDotCom do all the donkey work.  Very neat.

It has got me thinking about adding this resource to the Adam Eason affiliates box of goodies.  We have a different offer every week in our Adam Up Ezine and setting up RSS feeds with affiliate links would be pretty cool way of making offers on our affiliates’ sites.  It took me less than 10 minutes to get the wordpress plugin sorted. 

Like it!