Affiliate products are not made equal.  In fact there is such a range that you may be a bit overwhelmed and not know where to start.

Let’s get a little check list going:  Remember we are talking about on-line selling.

1. First and foremost:  Do people want to buy what you have on offer.

Your product should be in demand if you are going to sell anything.  The biggest mistake made in business is to try to sell where there is nobody interested.  It might just be that timing, or location for example are wrong.  BUT unless you have a market for your products you are just not going to sell anything.  We will look tomorrow at how to find out the demand.

2:  Is there money to be made? How good are the margins?  The rewards are very varied and getting this one right will make a huge difference to your success prospects.

3.How easy is the product to get to the customer?  Is it heavy and therefore uneconomic.  It is useless having a bargain price tag on say a set of golf clubs if the shipping costs abroad make the price tag an expensive one.

4. How quickly can the product reach the customer?

5.  Can you easily offer guarantees and refund policies that are likely to be seen as fair by the customer.

6. How much competition is there for the same products.

WELL let’s see

What would get ticks in every box?


If you want to struggle and really make very little money on-line then promote Amazon books or Argos catalogue goods etc.  The margins are low and the compensation as a result often pitifully poor.

Compare that to affiliate commissions for E-Books, Audio MP3 downloads – where typically the affiliate will get 50 – 75% of the sale price.  Some on-line courses can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The products can be delivered instantly – satisfying that very human trait of wanting things NOW!

Shipping costs nothing – and furthermore the owner of the product has very little cost (once the products has been made that is) for maintaining availability on-line.

Guarantees and refunds are the only downside as people are actually more likely to ask for their money back from a digital download compared to a physical product.  It actually takes effort to ship a real product back in order to get a refund – whereas there are more unscrupulous people out there exploiting the fact that they have only to ask to get their money back – knowing full well that returning the product is pointless.   I will discuss the whole issue of refunds in a later session.

Considering the amount of competition is also something for a more detailed discussion.  Suffice to say at the moment that there are too many people in the marketing of Internet Marketing products.  If some of them would move over to promoting in other major areas of demand such as health information products I sincerely believe they would do better than they currently are with Internet Marketing promotions.

It is getting really quite boring how affiliates galore and JV partners jumps on a particular band-wagon with the result that product launches become over-hyped, over sexed and ultimately very short lived bubbles.  Those affiliates should consider whether they would not be much better off with a steadier but prolonged income from evergreen products.

Tomorrow I will identify why I think we have some of the most perfect products you can possibly be promoting.  I’m bound to of course because I am biased but we are making them for all the reasons above.

Till tomorrow – take care.