The web can be a bewildering place for newbie affiliates. How to choose the products to promote. I have been there and researched and researched and got absolutely nothing done to make me a dime. Research doesn’t make you money – it’s the ACTION and the DOING that count.

Worse still you can get side-tracked with alternative attractive looking propositions – such as the recent spate of $7 sales. But are they what they appear to be? – take a closer look….

The thing to twig here though is that these sales are not affiliate programmes. Affiliate sales mean that the owner of the product does all the fulfilment, refunds and support. You as the affiliate have the role of pre-selling and sending to the merchant sales page. If you have done your homework and your merchant is successfully selling his product to your leads then you just collect the cheque.

$7 sales are not like this – so beware as you are taking on much more responsibility. Dan Moran has an interesting dialogue going on with his blog readers at