Well I’ll Be Blogged!! Google PR4 Rank

Well thank you Google!  I mean it.  It is important to say that at the start as I am drawing attention to myself by writing about this.

My blog has not been about long but here it is with a PR4 by Google.  Those of you in the know will appreciate that it is a real badge of honour to get PR4 and above.

I like to think that I have deserved it as I have been doing all the solid stuff – writing articles and submitting them to the Article Directories.  Some of the articles have links back to this blog which means that I must have built up some pretty useful high ranking links.

I really do get tired of all the hyped up Internet Marketing – latest must have – instant traffic generating without effort – build a website with 1000 articles in ten minutes – type of guff.

There are a handful of Internet Gurus who’s opinions I respect – and they take the solid – good content – steady growth approach.

So here is living proof – I haven’t relied on any gimmicks – I haven’t even worried about keyword selection or density.  All I have done is written from the heart and with the appropriate research if I needed additional material.

My reward – a PR4 rank in record time for me (don’t forget I have been building websites since 1992)

So – thank you Google – I really DO mean it.







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