Last week I wrote about the Mental Health needs in this country.  Go and see the amazing figures of people needing speaking therapeutic – BUT do come back and read the rest of this message.

The main reason for writing that blog was to point prospective hypnotherapy students to Adam Eason’s Hypnosis College.  The article was written to encourage anyone who is thinking about training as a hypnotherapist – to go for it because of the recognised huge demand for more therapeutic practitioners.  That is our hypnotherapy training side of the business.

Our Hypnosis Audios

However – we have another side to the business – the therapeutic care.  Adam of course offers his hypnotherapy services BUT we also have therapeutic hypnosis audios.

Adam is a hypnotherapist and we have created many audios and videos that offer some help for a whole lot of issues.  You know – anxiety, stress, phobias, pain, addictions, smoking, weight, confidence and so on.

Obviously scripted audios will not be quite as effective as a hypnotherapist spending a lot of time getting to know your particular circumstances and providing you with a personal narrated hypnosis session.  However I can tell you they work really well and they are – particularly from today inexpensive.

If you look at yesterday’s blog from me you will see that I have used the ‘Mind Your Weight’ audio and that is one of many.

Lower Prices Hypnosis Audios

Hypnosis Audios available on Hypnosis For Download website

Adam Eason Hypnosis Audios

There was some in-congruence about all this. Why not offer audios that will actually help people at lower prices.

Now the thing is there is an issue here as far as I am concerned.  I have always wanted to reduce the cost of these audios because I really want as many people as possible to use self-hypnosis tracks and to get to appreciate how much hypnosis is a skill that can use to overcome issues.


There is downside in doing that is that there is a real danger that people will think “Oh – they are very cheap – they can’t be good.”

So how do you promote them.  Well a blog entry like this will help – MAYBE!

We are going to find out by putting them out there during March – and wait and see.  Testimonials from anybody using them will be great.

I really do want the audios out there doing some good – so we are putting all of our audios down to low, low prices from now till the end of March.

It’s our own referendum!

If the products sell well and the testimonials coming in are great then we can possibly continue with the low prices.

The audios are also very useful for new hypnotherapists who can learn more about the language techniques being used for scripts they are developing for their clients.

There is one audio/video set that I would like everybody to get a copy of (Just £2 from today) called “Hypnosis Revealed”.  It will teach you a lot about hypnotherapy and will help you use the therapeutic audios effectively.

Even the larger hypnosis learning packages such as “Science of Self-Hypnosis” we are going to drastically cut in price as anyone purchasing will probably be thinking of training in the field – so hopefully we will see them in our college in time.

All a good strategy – what do you think?  Our referendum will tell.  I will keep you informed.

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