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  • Stop Smoking – Who Dunnit Story?

    Stop Smoking – Who Dunnit Story?

    Stop Smoking – A Who Dunnit Story? Some Background First Stop Smoking – Many hypnotherapists making impressive claims regarding hypnotherapy and stopping smoking. Adam Eason (Hypnotherapist, Tutor and Author) wrote an article on his blog about the research: https://www.adam-eason.com/what-is-the-actual-evidence-for-using-hypnosis-for-stopping-smoking/ Yes indeed, a fairly well-known UK hypnotherapist who markets her one-hour stop smoking programme actually also […]

  • Stopping Smoking – Women Take Note!

    Staying on the topic of stopping smoking I want to continue the subject by  going back to the article I mentioned in my post ‘Dr Mark Porter Blowing A Smokescreen Over How To Stop Smoking.’ In it he makes the point that women may be more susceptible to the damaging effects of cigarette smoke than […]

  • Doctor Mark Porter Blowing a Smokescreen Over How To Stop Smoking

    I was reading a recent article in the ‘Times’ regarding women’s health problems called ‘How to stub out the habit’ by Dr Mark Porter, which in itself was informative and helpful to those wanting to quit smoking.  But what got my juices flowing was that the article blew a smokescreen over the real reason why […]

  • Adam In The Smoke House

    Adam Eason mentions in his blog today that he has a role in a TV series called The Smoke House. Just to mention here that anybody can see this broadcast for the next 7 days