Irritated By My Shampoo

I wonder if I am becoming a grumpy old man.  Must ask Babs – hmmm maybe not!

I find myself increasingly getting very irritated about tiny things.  This morning it was my shampoo – or more accurately my shampoo bottle that got me going.

I have been using the same anti this, and anti that, shampoo for years and sensibly you could stand it upside down when the contents were getting low.  The next morning there were the contents ready to splurge out the moment that you squeezed gently – no shaking, thumping, hanging around – and most importantly no waste.  A satisfied loyal purchaser of the same brand for years.

rounded lid of shampoo bottle

This is SO Irritating!

So what happened within the company? – who I will name and shame – Neutrogena brand from Johnson and Johnson.

Did some upstart join your company and tell you that you could overnight make more money with one simple modification to your bottles?
Make the cap rounded and the great unwashed will find it much harder to extract the last remnants out of our bottles – bingo!  Now let’s see 20,000 a week wasting 10mls x 52 – why that converts into £xxxK per year.  Well done my son take promotion.

upside down shampoo bottle

Neutrogena shampoo bottle upside down

Well Johnson & Johnson – as you can see I am trying to foil your plot.  But alas I see that my wife has been having the same problem with her shampoo supplier.  I bet she doesn’t have the same gritted determination to not let her shampoo supplier get away with it.

Mumble, mumble, shuffle, grrrhhh, bah humbugs!!!