You Should Read More Of Your E-Mails And This Is Why….

I wonder how many times my long suffering wife has heard me say “Why can’t they just read?”  I am convinced that information overload is the biggest obstacle to communications.

Take this as an example:  I am heavily involved with the marketing of Adam Eason’s products online.  He is a hypnotherapist who produces Self-Hypnosis MP3s.  As part of our efforts to get to a wider audience we have promotional offers and even giveaways from time to time. Over this weekend we had some purchases made by people who have been on our mailing list for years paying FULL PRICE despite our WEEKLY newsletter out last Thursday offering up to 65% off.  The offer is also made on the home page of the shop.

A term that Internet Marketers use all the time is that the money is in the list.  Well yes it is if (more…)