Should A Doctor Advise About Furry Sex?

‘Body & Soul’ is a pull out section of the Times (UK) every Saturday.  As far as I am concerned it is a must read with a birds eye view of research, new developments and news about anything health related.

In each edition there is a Sex Advice page where a readers question is answered by both a (male) GP Dr Thomas Stuttaford and a (female) Suzi Godson who is an author of books about sex.

The questions they tackle are right across the spectrum of sexual encounters – consider these two recent examples.

After having cirrhosis diagnosed my husband has been unable to sustain an erection.  Will liver transplant help or is this problem with us for ever?

In my native New York, I used to dress as Yogi Bear and have sex with like-minded women.  Now I live here and I’ve met a girl; should I tell her I’m a ‘furry’?  (more…)