Pause For Thought – Keep Short Accounts

I posted this message on my business blog today but I thought it had a place here as well.

There is a slot on BBC Radio 2 in the morning called ‘Pause For Thought’ and I hope that today’s posting will encourage you to pause for thought about your business and what it is there for.

This on the face of it will seem a really strange posting in the middle of a blog which is about developing a financially successful online business.

However bear with me – I am hoping to persuade you that you maybe need to look at your dreams, strategy and specific goals again.

  • Are your dreams focused totally on what is important to you and what you want to be your legacy?
  • Does your strategy include how your family fit in and is it congruent with their lives?
  • Are your goals simply money focused?

What on earth has brought all of this on? (more…)