Blogs and Diaries

Blogs and Diaries

My wife has kept a diary for years.  I must feature in there somewhere – well probably everywhere – dread to think.

Like all diaries it is her private corner and will probably make a good read some day for our ancestors.  I am not destined to see those entries – I have never been tempted to look.

The diary is really useful though and if we are chatting away at a dinner party and bickering over the date of this or that – then the diary is consulted.  In many ways I wish I had kept one – all too late to say that after the event – there you go.  Is it too late to start now?  I will probably just go on blogging – probably on and off.

I have dabbled with a blog over the years – not this one as you can see by the dearth of entries – and actually enjoyed my moments of putting down some thoughts. The odd smirk as I re-imagine wacky ups and downs of my life.  It is however very public and you do have to hold yourself back from saying TOO much.

I came across an old blog of mine the other day – and was embarrassed.  (you note – I haven’t added a link)  Did I really SAY that – Did I even think THAT!!  It is amazing how our experiences do update our behaviour.

Till my next blog – goodbye and have a good day.