How Little Relatively We Know About The Brain

I seem to have had a week of listening to, watching or reading pretty highbrow stuff. 

Not deliberately – just seemed to have happened that way.  Probably chaos theory at work.

A friend lent me “A Brief History Of Time” just after Christmas so I decided it was about time (no pun intended) I read it.  My strongest subject at school was maths and so I had wanted for some time to check out this big time seller by Stephen Hawking.  The Easter weekend was therefore a mixture of Big Bangs, Black Holes and The Passion.

Then quite by chance lolling in the bath I caught a radio discussion on the M and String Theory.  Now – that is all about trying to get a ‘Theory of Everything’.  The 20th Century was dominated by Quantum Mechanics (the functioning of things that are very very small) and Einsteins Relativity (everything massively big – space, the bending of time  and all that)   (more…)